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srmgin 23 Jul 2021
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22 Sep 2021
New World Order Predictive Programming Captain America
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New Deadly COVID Strain, Really? – Dr Berg


From Jan 28th 2021 - Dr Berg pointing out some real science:

⁣Is it possible that there’s a new strain of COVID that’s very deadly? There are three important things you need to know.

1. There is not a new strain of COVID. There is a new variant. A variant is not the same as a strain. A new strain has almost a different structure. A variant involves very minor changes. If a virus changes slightly, it doesn’t necessarily change in function. I have not seen any evidence that this new variant is more pathogenic than the original variant.

2. COVID-19 is genetically stable. COVID-19 mutates even slower than the influenza virus.

3. Why do we see spikes of infection in different countries right now? It seems the weather is a big factor. When it’s winter, and it’s colder, people cough and sneeze more, allowing the virus to spread easier. People are also getting lower amounts of vitamin D. Vitamin D is intimately involved in the immune system. People who are deficient in vitamin D may be more susceptible to becoming sick.

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2 months ago

I don't believe that anything was 'floating around, nor do I believe that the famous covid-19 causing 'virus' ever existed, so if it doesn't exist how can a variant come about? I'm sorry, Dr. Berg, I understand that you are a doctor and I am not, but I'm sure you're mistaken to believe in either covid-19, the virus said to be responsible for it, or any variants of that. If nobody has been able to get hold of this virus what is it that you are referring to?

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Stellatender 2 months ago

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RAHmusic 2 months ago

⁣No Mask. No Vax. Be Free. Go Outside ⁣

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williamtbush 2 months ago

Most all variants are more contagious and LESS deadly. The plandemic shit shower continues. The percentiles of vaxxed sheeple is BS, more than half said to hell with it. All over a virus with a 3/10ths of one% mortality rate.

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Jomico 2 months ago

Mutation occurs when man plays GOD...and creates a vaccine..that at best alters the behaviour of a order for it to new variants mainly come from idiots who get jabbed and mingle before they make any antigens...NO ONE IS ENFORCING THE RECENTLY JABBED TO out they go spreading the has nothing to do with unvaxxed people most of whom have immunity anyway.

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New World Order Predictive Programming Captain America
ben3g · 149 Views