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Viral Video Shows Children Being Paraded At Drag Queen Show
21 Apr 2021
Viral Video Shows Children Being Paraded At Drag Queen Show
TheAlexJonesChannel · 122 Views

New Format Show - Space+Tunnels+Moon Bases +TicTac by Jet etc ] - OT Chan Live#363



1) Gen Chat - Recent events of coHosts Leaving and going rogue even
cease and desist guys its very childish.
2) How long can you live in Space without Suit
a) Temp of Space
b) Temp of liquid Nitrogen
3) A look over Pauls Tweets with Haters and his replies to them
4) Underground tunnels and nuke drill. common sense why
it wouldnt work. and I google live to show how you can find
the same maps thirdphaseofmoon claim are new leaks
5) Tic Tac near miss a Passenger Jet.. as promote by fraud
vid analysis Jason Gleaves
a) my visual analysis of it frame by frame and why its fake
motion blur CGI
b) Scott Brandos break down of the video . showing what he found
which puts the final nail thats its a hoax video of UFO
6) GUFON moon bases debunked
a)Paul shows a web search from ProjectAvalon of one of
the images being hoax using Iran.
b) Paul shows how to use TInEye better then google reverse search
how it easily debunks the images. watch to find out how.
c) Soctt Brando debunk of another structure..
so if you get just one image proven hoax then the website cant
be a trustable source of info nor YT channel promoting such
a page.
d) Paul over lays a seat of images real NASA image with Fake
to prove its identical.

Topics with Chapters (TimeStamps)
[0:00] Gen Chat - Hosts Leaving and Drama
[19:45] How long can you live in Space without a space suit?
[26:10] Paul goes over his tweets on various UFO topics and Drama
[40:01] Underground Secret Tunnels Map Solved! No hard evidence
of the claims put out by GUFON/Thirdphase with some sources coming
from books, with artificial aged coloring of pages of the same
map found with a google search!
[44:00] Spinning Heated piped Tunneling Drive head - does it make
any sense to be a legit tool used? Science wise?
[49:00] Resume with Maps
[59:34] Tic Tac Passes Plane investigate - Real or Fake?
[01:08:00] Scott Brando Debunks on Tic Tac and Street Lamp
[01:11:11] GUFON Moon and Mars Bases - Investigated and Solved!
[01:33:10] Moon base Crater over over layed proving its photoshopped.

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is coming.
cheers Paul.

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Viral Video Shows Children Being Paraded At Drag Queen Show
21 Apr 2021
Viral Video Shows Children Being Paraded At Drag Queen Show
TheAlexJonesChannel · 122 Views