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srmgin 09 Sep 2021
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Tucker: Americans won't forgive Joe Biden for this
28 Nov 2021
Tucker: Americans won't forgive Joe Biden for this
Jess Sosnoski · 1 Views

New World Order, You've been Warned for Years


⁣Jesuits and Vatican orders of secret kabbalistic luciferians, crypto Jewish Sabbatean Khazarian kabbalistic luciferians...all melted into one (,The Illuminati) in the late 1700s just before their first major operation,the French Revolution.
They have not been hidden to the awakened, but the sheeple have not been listening. Time to listen now because you are in the early stages of the operational phase of the New World Order.

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hernadezlindajay 2 months ago

⁣I am a very happy person today because i am now a full and bona-fide member of the great ILLUMINATI. I want to quickly Say a big thanks World Illuminati Organizations the agent of the brotherhood who introduced me to becoming a member of the great Brotherhood brothers and sisters here is my story. I was told by a friend that to become a member of the brotherhood is Very difficult, so i was thinking that i can never get the right link to join because i was scammed by three people whom i meant on the Internet and they promised to help me join but they never did. They collected my money and i was never initiated into the brotherhood. Until i was introduced to World Illuminati Organizations and he told me the truth that those in USA Don’t pay any money from their pocket to become a member of the Illuminati, and i am an American. so i was very Interested i called the temple messenger number, the temple messenger Told me what i need to do, i did it and i was initiated i did not pay a dine from my money to become a member. But i was told that those living outside USA may have to do certain things for the purchase of their initiation materials. But those living within the square of USA don’t pay a dine. I followed all instructions and after my initiation, I was given all the benefit of becoming a member. As i talk to you am very okay and my future have been settled. I am well protected and i am wealthy and famous. Please if you wish to become a member of the great Illuminati contact Agent on the Devil Church, ( Those in other countries outside the USA can contact the international agent on call Or WhatsApp +2348115754306. And generally anyone who wishes to become a real member can send email to ( Become a member today and enjoy the benefit of life.

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belarionaddajjal 3 months ago

October 6th, 1940, New York Times, Pg 10...

If that doesn't settle it I don't know what does.

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patrick588 3 months ago

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brythog 3 months ago

⁣⁣Uk. Please sign ... repeal coronavirus Act.
Lets stop them being able to just make up laws, using emergency status.
It's gone on long enough

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danahsimms4356 3 months ago

⁣We are seeing a hostile takeover of America by democrat terrorists and their master plan is horiffic Look at this ASAP!!! visit

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Tucker: Americans won't forgive Joe Biden for this
28 Nov 2021
Tucker: Americans won't forgive Joe Biden for this
Jess Sosnoski · 1 Views