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EnvirowatchRangitikei 05 Mar 2021
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NO SHOPPING without a FACE MASK - says the BRAIN DEAD zombie
21 Apr 2021
NO SHOPPING without a FACE MASK - says the BRAIN DEAD zombie
NO_FACE_MASKS · 380 Views

Newborns with Face shields


In Other

⁣⁣Unsure of the country however google translate comes up with Indonesia.
And personally, in my opinion, this is outright child abuse. A tiny
newborn needs the comfort of its own human mother not a freaking plastic
face shield. Listen to the video & hear the little souls crying.
Not surprising. How do you sleep with that stuck to your head? Do the
adults who instigated this sleep with these on their heads? EWR

Another shining example of “following the science”, even when that “science” utterly defies rationality, human dignity, basic survival, and, indeed, actual science.
Any descendants we may have will look back on masking, distancing, and experimental (but becoming compulsory) gene therapy injections with no less incredulity and disgust as we regard gas chambers, crucifixions, and human sacrifice. Or doctor’s advertising cigarettes.

And here are some twitter postings of utterly brainwashed parents virtuously if sadistically isolating their own healthy children just because someone at their kid’s school “tested positive” (with the test that its inventor said should not be a test). Some of the parents discuss having kept their kid away from outside human contact for a year. We know kids are not a vector for whatever this is. Why are we torturing them? Why do we suddenly feel massive corporations and their government agencies have our best interests at heart when they insist we destroy ourselves to be safe?

Peak Mental Illness: Parents Locking Kids in Quarantine Because Schools Told Them To Do It for Virus Protection!

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goosegatherer 1 month ago

It is so easy to lose respect for people who push the false narratives just to keep their jobs or to be the front person to push the lies to the when we see babies wearing a mask we ask WHY......The CDC clown Fauci has told the world that the mask is not required now but you should wear one, or two anyway. Medical professionals ( lol) say the mask creates an unhealthy environment within the mouth but the clown Fauci says nothing about that.....Clown Fauci tells us that the mask does not prevent the spread of the disease/ Bug that no one has found yet, that no one has isiolated yet, and that no one has tested for it yet....even though the entire world now knows that the world standard test to find,isolate, and identify ANY bug is the Kochs Postulate test AND THAT NO GOVERNMENT WILL DO THAT TEST....YES, they are taking the PISS.....They WILL NOT carry out the Kochs Postulate test BECAUSE IT WILL PROVE THE BUG DOES NOT EXIST....and then this massive scam falls apart.....but sadly we have so many idiots who have beleived this massive lie and so they go to have a NON vaccine for a bug that has never been found or isiolate anywhere in our world.....Stupidity is never compulsory although it is alive and well in the fools who just will not ask the obvious stupidity is clearly the preferred option among the fools out there.....Your sell out government NEED YOU ALL to have their DNA altering toxin so each one of you will become carriers of this Bug to keep THEIR LIES ALIVE.....BUT DO NOT FEAR THIS STILL UNKNOWN SCAM BUG because you already know that if you do contract this never found bug that the chances of surviving it ARE EXTREMELY HIGH...So Enjoy your toxin jab, and I hope you survive it without any real harm coming to you , Sadly those who have already perished from it don't have that luxury.....but what you really need is an ANTI- STUPIDITY you can ALL wake up...

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Whitemans Dog
Whitemans Dog 2 months ago

Makes sense to me. Please also note that,...War, is Peace. Night, is Day. Men, are women. Black is white. Hate, is love. If you would just accept, ALL these new ( and improved) FACTS , everything will be all right. Did I forget to mention,...there is no God. Now,...GET ON THE GROUND, NOW !!

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Armesis 2 months ago

Humans were made to be slaves, its in our DNA. We will obey anything that comes along and gives us orders. Why the fuck did we spawn on this slave planet in the first place? Is it more exciting?

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NO SHOPPING without a FACE MASK - says the BRAIN DEAD zombie
21 Apr 2021
NO SHOPPING without a FACE MASK - says the BRAIN DEAD zombie
NO_FACE_MASKS · 380 Views