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TheTruthHunter 16 Apr 2021
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WARNING!!! Child In Distress. "I can’t breathe in this mask"
07 May 2021
WARNING!!! Child In Distress. "I can’t breathe in this mask"
BitsandBobs · 136 Views

NHS Nurse "Genocide - I'm Ashamed To Be A Nurse" Willing To Testify (UK Column)


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davidmintun 21 days ago

Dear Sr. Nurse, You have come over half way, no turning back now no matter what else may be at stake. The reason your work environment is so hostile to you is clear. Time to find another position. Your workmates will offer you up for sacrifice at the first opportunity. i would imagine they are plotting your downfall as you read this. If they haven't listened to you yet, do you think they will. YOU are a reminder to them of the evil they are doing. They can't keep you around, you do know that?
i think maybe the medicos standing against this deception will organize soon. They just might need a good Senior Nurse, one who has the brass to quit rather than support lies.

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goosegatherer 21 days ago

EVERY NURSE involved in this MASSIVE SCAM on the people of Britain SHOULD ALL RESIGN IMMEDIATELY for being part of the deception and allowing it to get this far....How can ANY NURSE claim to be a carer of the sick after knowingly doing NOTHING when they could have SAVED LIVES...SHAME ON ALL OF YOU...What you all have contributed to is EUTHANASIA of the masses....A Doctor of Death.....Your sole has gone....So I disagee with anyone who says that these nurses are brave....They could have ALL spoken out BEFORE the deaths started to mount up as opposed to having tears of regret later.You can all find another vocation....but all those who died because of these untested experimental Toxins CANNOT RETURN...

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helmhurst 21 days ago

Brave person.

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ZAMAEL 21 days ago

This nurse is very brave to speak out and go on the record she should be proud and continue to defy those evil order followers who clearly don't give a fuck about the general public all they care about is themselves and doing their masters bidding, there will be a reckoning in the future for all those involved in this genocide and when the trials begin the excuse I was just following orders will not be a defence, just as the Nuremberg trials they will all swing from a rope

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SteveConway 21 days ago

The NHS (apart from the nurses and most doctors) has now become the Nazi Holocaust Service....

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WARNING!!! Child In Distress. "I can’t breathe in this mask"
07 May 2021
WARNING!!! Child In Distress. "I can’t breathe in this mask"
BitsandBobs · 136 Views