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TheTruthHunter 17 May 2021
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These children are well educated!!!! Justice 4 Children
18 Jun 2021
These children are well educated!!!! Justice 4 Children
PetrafiedNews · 26 Views

NHS Staff Are Starting To Speak Out Now They Realise They Are Coming For Their Children Next


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Papacitom 26 days ago


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vinny800 26 days ago

Ho yeh after 16 months now they speak out because it is getting personal well you can keep your mouths shut what you lot have been party to is not put right by whistlblowing it is far too late for that

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NEVERfollowtheherd 1 month ago

im anti vax its a way of poisoning your body very slowly

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AWCooper 1 month ago

NHS Board Level Whistleblower:
"Gov. telling NHS what to do,
Massive increase in propaganda,
Co-erced consent,
WE are causing genocide,
IT needs to stop,
THEY are coming for our kids"
ME: WHO is coming for our kids and WHO is causing genocide?
YOU fucking are, the fucking NHS, that's who. Don't fucking blame anyone else you cunts.

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Waztoteach 1 month ago

The majority of people wouldnt trust a MP with the washing of their socks, but yet people are falling over themselves in getting to these vaccine centres, when the known bare faced liar, Boris Johnson, says these vaccines are safe!

Why would you distrust these MPs 99.9999% of the time, but yet trust them with their health.

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These children are well educated!!!! Justice 4 Children
18 Jun 2021
These children are well educated!!!! Justice 4 Children
PetrafiedNews · 26 Views