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TheTruthHunter 11 Jun 2021
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The Man They Call The Devil
15 Jun 2021
The Man They Call The Devil
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NHS Staff Told They Are Complicit In Medical Fraud & Being Served Notice Of Liability


Learn Common Law With Knowledge Is Power (Work your way through tabs at the top of page) -

Meet Your Strawman (Article) -

Common Law In 10 Minutes (Video) -

Strawman - The Best Common Law documentary you will find (video) -

Common Law Court - Register the living breathing you -

The UK Government downgraded the danger of Covid19 from a high consequence infectious disease on 19th March 2020 (1 week BEFORE the first lockdown) -

Global Covid Report - A Brilliant 73 page flip book style article -

A 113 page pdf full of information from frontline workers & the VAERS -

18 Reasons I won't be getting a Covid19 'vaccine' -

Covid19 is a manufactured pandemic -

Doctor demolishes Covid vaccine -

If there is no virus why are people dying (article) -

5 Questions to ask people who plan on getting a Covid19 'vaccine' -

Dr Andrew Kaufman - Sars Cov 2 has not been isolated. It doesn't exist (article) -

A brilliant article explaining why the number of cycles (CT) of the PCR Test is pushing out false positives everywhere -

MP's & SAGE are heavily invested in the vaccine industry -

Face masks are neither effective or safe (article) -

Bill Gates: Vaccines are phenomenal profit makers -

The Empire of the City - How 3 independent states controls the world together -

The UNITED STATES isn't a country, it's a corporation -

There are 2 Constitutions in the United States -

The Rockefeller's own Western medicine -

The City Of London (The Crown) owns the UNITED STATES -

EXPOSED: All the Queens agents that control the world -

Who Are The Jesuits? -

The Crown Empire & The City of London -

3 Corporations rule the world -

The City of London Empire -

The Rothschilds, Vatican & City of London -

The Council of 13 -

The Committee of 300 -

Empire of the City -

The Real Controllers of Humanity: The Papal Bloodlines -

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Berda 3 days ago

⁣Share this video on AWI -

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moclan6969 4 days ago

Great. Thankyou

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Livefreejp 4 days ago

i agree wiith this lady & yes i wish her well, however it seems like all these videos arny havimg a impact or maybe they ars & i dont no ! my point is that people keep saying about comon law & they say they have served notice but honestly have they ? whos been arrested yet anyone been charges anyone got a court date ??? sorry but maybe come the 21 & there still locking us down if we all just went out did what we want maybe then it will end just a thought

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borislayer 4 days ago

Lady, you are on a roll - please keep up this good work. Can you do the same to Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield, Yorkshire?

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jane70 4 days ago

Bloody brilliant!

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The Man They Call The Devil
15 Jun 2021
The Man They Call The Devil
GottMitUns4 · 0 Views