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33 confirmed COVID cases - Lying MSM keep repeating the same old crap - SORRY CANNED LAUGHTER
28 Nov 2021
33 confirmed COVID cases - Lying MSM keep repeating the same old crap - SORRY CANNED LAUGHTER
NO_FACE_MASKS · 144 Views

No-Go Zone: Energy Crisis (Dark Winter), Nature To Be Tradable Asset Class & Covid Camps


⁣Henrik cover recent news in episode 75 of No-Go Zone.

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GIFF 1 month ago

I cannot believe what is happening. We will be turned into a battery and traded on a new Natural Asset Class. La Columna Quinta has shown that essentially you take your smart phone and turn it into a liquid form and induce those pieces into our circulatory system, bluetooth, diodes and transistors, including a parasite, Think Neo and the scene with the agents at his job site and then trinity removing it, the masks are when the agent makes sure Neo can't talk. 100 Scientists from Los Alamos refused this Bio Tech Weapon but thrown out by a Judge same thing in Ontario, how is this possible. Mutagenesis - it is, Transhumanism - it is. Spike protein found 70% in reproductive organs this must be against the law!!

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1 month ago

⁣. This war has been fairly called the "opium war", and
(8) "Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia". 5th. vel., p. 615. 1rst. col.
Word: India.
was a disgrace to the British people, although it is evident
that the true British people and native members of the
United Kingdom had little responsibility for the criminal
acts of their Jewish and crypto-Jewish rulers other than in
permitting them to remain in power, due to the systematic
brain washing and manipulation by the Jews of the mass
media, the centers of education and by the Protestant and
Catholic churches controlled by crypto-Jewish clergymen,
and presently by the control Judaism has over the radio
and television, and other tentacles of the hidden Israelite power. Such is the power of Judaism in Britain and
the United States that both nations have become the incorrigible satellites and colonies of Jewish imperialism.

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1 month ago


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1 month ago

FREEDOM MOVEMENT CO-OPERATIVE DAILY NEWS VIDEO LINKS BULLETIN - for THURSDAY 14TH OCTOBER 2021 .........................................Hello & welcome to Brave New World 1984 where an unelected, unrepresentative, unqualified & unlawful New World Order One World Government Fascist Regime has seized complete control over Planet Earth under the pretext of a bogus virus SCAM-demic mandating JAB-o-CIDE Passport here on Prison Planet of Dictatorship Slavery & Great Reset Cashless Society born of a takeover by the Freemason Illuminatti Secret Society Cabal implimenting Rockefeller Foundation's OPERATION LOCKSTEP (published 2010) amalgamating Police State with Martial Law, Social Crediting, Fact Checking Censorship, Own Nothing Society, Digital ID Permits, Lethal Oxygen Poisoning, Deep State Central Bank Crypto Currency (BRITcoin), Vaccine Apartheid, Political & Economic Collapse of Capitalism, 'End of Life' MIDAZOLEM & REMDESIVIR' death shot, DEMOCIDE, fomenting Civil War, World War III on day 550 of "21 days to flatten the curve & save the health service" pack of lies all dressed up as - wait for it - "We're doing this for the good of your health" - BTW: Flu is not an illness so nobody has EVER died of flu - the opposite is true; flu's a sure sign of a healthy immune system at work & *NOT* so called: "Covid-1984, AIDS, MERS, SARS, Ebola, Zika, Swine Flu, Bird Flu" or any other of their FAKE pandemics & bogus viruses: PS pandemics just like viruses don't exist as they're the imaginative fabrication of the astronomically profitable & controlling gravy train Quack-scene industry & so called 'virology' is Professor Crackpot Science in the same catagory as water divining & palm-reading - there is no "EMERGENCY" so no need for "EMERGENCY POWERS" as they are claiming - they're liars, liars, liars's today's video links ~ ........................................................................................................................................................................... Florida Gov DeSantis fines Leon County $3.5 million for enforcing vaccine passports! SHOCKING VACCINE ADMISSIONS FROM INSIDE THE WHO - Del Bigtree TLAV Myocarditis in Children Covid-19 Vaccines CDC Data &amp;amp; Ontario Boys Raises Concern NASA War Documents Depopulation - WATCH THIS - VERY IMPORTANT NHS App Update Tracks a LOT MORE Than COVID Status! NSW Apartheid And Excess Deaths This Winter -- Wake Up Call 10-14-2021 It's a common phrase or was it a slip of the tongue? Austrian MP drops ONE APP TO RULE THEM ALL / Hugo Talks #lockdown ThIS Is Not America Anymore One World Government, One Religion: Vatican Whistleblower Exposes Satanic Agenda CEYLON: CAN YOU SEE WHATS REALLY GOING ON YET? Pilots, Truckers, Dock Workers, Refusing To Comply The Collapse Blamed On The Unvaccinated Northern Territory will impose $5,000 fines on unvaxxed specific categories of people FOURTH Source Confirms Vaxxed Delta Pilot DEAD In-Flight First-Hand Account: Vaxx Deaths Alarming to Military Barber Unstoppable Self Replicating "HYDRA" Is In The Clot Shot Jab!!! WEF connections Meet the World Economic Forum 2021 OCT 10 AU SAS Ret Lt Col Bosi Final Warning to all Complicit of Genocide Agenda and Treason Airline CEO Comes Out Against Biden Mandate - We’re Not Going To Fire Any Employees Over This student secretly records teacher pushing vaxx and next pandemic TLAV Jimmy Dore Interview - The Shifting Political Landscape Of The COVID-19 Deception Bill Gates - From Bioethics To Eugenics Australian Defence Force whistleblower David McBride may face 50 years in prison MANDATORY COVID VAXX I.D. IS COMING, VERY VERY SOON. Oz has fallen: "not wanting is not an excuse" CA Gov. Bans Gas Engines, Jumpstarts Great Reset Industrial Sabotage Nesara The History of Fiat Money and its downfall The History of Fiat Money and its downfall busted australian television caught using crisis actors to push the covid there is no virus wakeup 16 Year Old Boy Drops Dead In Zoom Math Class After Taking The Pfizer Shots, VAERS Record Shows Pentagon: More Troops Died in Sept After Getting Vaccinated Than All COVID Months Combined 10/12/21 pilot crashes: possible vax induced stroke UNBELIEVABLE! They'll Lie And Take EVERYTHING From You! Epidemic of Plane Crashes liked to Covid-19 Jab Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up - More apt than ever with the changes coming in the Caribbean1-))) FEMA Is Replacing The Unvaccinated Medical Staff In The Hospitals Canadian Maskhole - Its a free country but wear your mask LOL “THEY WANT TO CENSOR US!” Facebook & Government Collusion Exposed?? Switzerland Basel Oct9th Freedom Covid-19 Vaccine Passports Demonstration March Rally Protest Depopulation Agenda in Full Swing as Masses Surrender Independence, Identity, Birthright for Comfor Twitter Video Showing the Shifting Narrative in JAB Effectiveness! Max Igan - Talks with Meryl Dory from Under the Wire about the Covid Jab Depopulation Agenda Scaremongering Sky News Canadian Doctor Says Something Malicious is Going On After He's Punished For Treating COVID ........................................................................................................................................................................................................ FREEDOM MOVEMENT CO-OPERATIVE DAILY LINKS BULLETIN; while serial killer, war criminal & genocidist "Weapons of Mass Destruction" mummified mediocrity Tony B'Liar (the Mad Bomber of Iraq-Yugoslavia-Afghanistan) is exhumed from the tomb to promote the use of "Domestic JAB-o-CIDE PASSPORT & 'Lockdown' (a punishment in prisons) APARTHEID for non PASSPORT users as National Health Service predict "Third wave of CON-vid-19 by August 1st" (they are fortune tellers now). Meanwhile fascist dictator Boris Jackboot Johnson delayed the "Lockdown-Crackdown easing date of June" for even yet another month (surprise, surprise) using sly weasel words & a small print get out clause which will enable him to extend the delay indefinitely because he's so, so, so, concerned about "A New Variant CON-vid-19 Virus" (whilst turning a blind eye, deaf ear, acting dumb & insensitive to the thousands he has murdered with his cut throat lockdown policies through suicide, MIDAZOLAM & REMDESIVIR deep coma end of life drugs, hospital operation cancellations, lethal oxygen-poisoning, CLOT SHOTS, enforced induced coma & neglect) while his minion ex-SPURT scien-TWISTS are now threatening to extend Lockdown-Crackdown until Spring 2022 so coercing people onto the CLOT-SHOT CAROUSEL but do you remember: "Just 3 weeks to flatten the curve & save the Health Service" pack of lies - that was 550 days ago while in Victoria Australia reporting "1 CON-vid Death" but 276 suicides *** Merchant of Death reveals the TRUE horror of the SCAM-demic... The REAL reason for the SCAM-demic Lockdown... Vaccine emperor Bill Gates crows over the unparralled profits he's made selling vaccines... Whistleblower EX girlfriend of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Jennifer Arcuri telling some facts - Short version reveals the TRUE reason for the Lockdown & the meeting he had with Bank of England BEFORE he declared Lockdown & WHERE the UK government is now getting it's money from... Exposing the New World Order in the year 2000 including the use of microchips inserted into the hand... Planning the SCAM-demic back in 1989: The New World Order... Ex Prime Minister of Malaysia tells the truth about the New World Order in 2015... 'The New World Order' by A. Ralph Epperson published in 1990... Mr Harry Vox, investigative reporter warns of the coming SCAM-demic DEMOCIDE & New World Order back in 2014... Mr David Icke investigative journalist uncovering the fascist New World Order SCAM-demic DEMOCIDE 15 years ago ... New World Order, We've been Warned for Years... Aaron Russo Whistleblower & ex-friend of David Rockefeller exposing the New World Order many years ago... Mr Alex Jones investigative reporter warns of global SCAM-demic DEMOCIDE back in 2010... US Senator Jesse Ventura exposing the planned SCAM-demic JAB-o-CIDE fascist CRACK-down many years ago Whistleblower Jane Bürgermeister is an Austrian investigative journalist who, as the anticipated July 2009 release date for Baxter 's Swine flu (H1N1) pandemic vaccine was approaching, warned the world that the greatest crime in the history of humanity was underway... Fox News exposition (in 2021) of the Rockefeller Foundation's 'OPERATION LOCKSTEP' plan for the SCAM-demic DEMOCIDE first published on their webpage in 2010... Whistleblower ex-Assistant US Health Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts who is an investment banker and former public official who served as United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development spills the beans on the 'Great Reset' - "they're coming for everything we've got"... Dr David Rasnick Phd: "Virus Theory is a Scam"... Prestigious Medical Journal: 82% of Women Miscarry After CON-vid JAB-o-CIDES... The test for 'Covid-19 is fake; Whistle Blower Mr Kary Mullis ( ) American biochemist & in recognition of his invention of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique (NOT a test) he shared the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Michael Smith and was awarded the Japan Prize in the same year the inventor of PCR DEMOLISHES "Health Advisor" Anthony FauXi & his erroneous use of PCR for 'detecting diseases' which has now been misused BILLIONS of times to provide billions of false positives of the nonexistent'Covid-19 virus'... The Final Refutal Of Virology... New gang of COVID MARSHALS gestapo thugs to harrass the population now being recruited & contracted until <<< 2023 >>>... The horrific, disgusting & repulsive true nature of The New World Order revealed in the autobiographical testimony of prisoner-slave captured at birth by the fascist New World Order naming the names by whistleblower Brice Taylor (1999)... The horrific, disgusting & repulsive true nature of The New World Order revealed in the autobiographical testimony of prisoner-slave captured at birth by the fascist New World Order naming the names by whistleblower Cathy O'brien (1995 - this testimony was presented to the US government) ... Forcing, coercing & cajoling people onto the JAB-o-CIDE CAROUSEL (so called 'Vaccine Passport) around the World aided & abetted by bogus 'virus theory', a fake 'pandemic', a hoax 'test' & dangerous 'vaccine' so for all those who do not kow tow & grovel to the fascist regime by failing to have an up to date Clot-Shot app on their phones translates as ACCESS DENIED NO ENTRY to; planes, trains, buses, taxis, trams, ships, the underground or fuel for our vehicles at the petrol station & CLOT-SHOT APARTHEID EXCLUSION from hospitals, clinics, workplaces, sporting events, cinemas, pubs, gyms, supermarkets so welcome to month 18 of the Global SCAM-demic DEMOCIDE Lockdown-Crackdown featuring: Canada adopts JAB-o-CIDE Passport & Suspended Elections in Canada, Magnetic JAB-o-CIDE Injection Sites, Viruses & Pandemics That Simply Don't Exist, JAB-o-CIDE skullduggery which is 310 years old (vaccination was around in the times of leeching, blood letting & fumigation), is fake science, serves absolutely no beneficial purpose for humanity and can only give us blood poisoning, autism, Alzheimer's, blood clots, death by blood clots, The Great Reset, New Normal, "Just Three Weeks to Flatten the Curve", Microchipping, Commodity Supplies Chaos, Symptomless Diseases, Visits Denied to Dying Relatives, Universal Basic Income (funded by tax payers money & we will have to have an up to date JAB-o-CIDE PASSPORT to qualify for it), Instilling THE FEAR OF DEATH (to make us paranoid & submissive), We-Pay Swab Tests, Global Digital Profiling (personal-data theft), Detention Centers, "Unessential Workers", Chip Implants, New Variants, No proof of Viruses, no proof of pandemics, no proof that vaccines, facemasks or distancing are of any benefit, Negative Interest Banking (WE pay banks £4% per annum to bank), Mass Redundancy, 13 000 000 UK patient treatment backlog, Coerced unapproved experimental JAB-o-CIDES, Bogus SCAM-demic "CON-vid-19" faked Death-Tolls, Text-message censorship, Illegal Lockdown-Crackdowns, 10 Year Jail, £10 000 Fines, (Deaths & injuries from JAB-o-CIDES, Mandatory Vaccination, Delta Scariant, One World Digital Currency, One World Government, Fake Meat, Synthetic Food, Monsanto GMO Poison Sprayed Frankenfood, fascist Martial Law, fascist Police State, Censorship, Agenda 21,Transhumanism, Unending Booster JAB-o-CIDES & fake 'Testing' (personal unique DNA data theft), Anti-Social Distancing, Prisoners of War under House Arrest (Stay Home or else) FakeMasks, Banned from singing, dancing & talking, Death Camps, Internet Censorship & Bans, Road Blocks, Curfews, Stealing-Storing-Selling Facial Recognition Personal Data, Fiendish super-profiteer Bill Gates' Fact Checkers, Own Nothing Society, Build Back Better & Outlawing Protests equals Prison Planet Without Bars declaring war on the People with non existent viruses, non existent pandemic & HOAX unlicensed experimental toxic JAB-o-CIDE (unaproved by Federal Drug Agency) deaths but REAL New World Order Reign of Terror with 2 nose swabs or fraudulent 'tests' EVERY week (this is to certify our personal unique DNA data fingerprint at repetitive intervals for their geneological global personal profile record), never ending Variants Booster JAB-o-CIDES for the scam 'New Virus Variants' - the JAB-o-CIDE MERRY-GO-ROUND (AKA: 'Vaccine Passport', 'Health Passport' & 'Green Pass') app on our phone will TEXT us dictating we provide enless SWABS, never ending JAB-o-CIDES, to self-isolate but without the app with up to date QR CODE on our phone we will be denied access to food, goods, services, travel & healthcare without JAB-o-CIDE PASSPORT clearance coercing us to become slaves to JAB-o-CIDE PASSPORT using AI algorythms from a computer in Geneva Switzerland handling 8 billion personal profiles as Failure To Comply Fines are at £10 000 ($14 000) 10 years JAIL TIME as it's already been SOLD to every government in the World as it's hidden agenda: 'THE COUNTER TERRORIST GLOBAL SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM' - so we are all surveilled as terrorists now while the Biometric Network with nose-swab personal DNA data thieving, storage & sales, outlawing protests is a extention of the previous swindles that they pulled with mythical viruses SCAM-demics geese that are STILL laying the golden eggs of government funding for 'virus research' using tax payers money, sales of vaccines & social control: 'AIDS, MERS, SARS, Ebola, Zika, Swine Flu, Bird flu & CON-vid-19' (US gov alone donated $34 BILLION of citizen tax payers money to scam 'AIDS RESEARCH' alone in 2019) (all showing "flu-like symptoms", what an amazing coincidence) & their equally quack remedies with 'virus research' (the greates scam in history) defrauding TRI££ION$ of citizan tax-payers money for the never ending Virus Gravy Train Power Trip - the same people now issuing FAKEmask dictats, harassment, demanding we follow the arrows, refusing us entry to pubs, restaurants, gym, schools, workplaces & cinemas with Gestapo CON-vid Marshal harrassment, destroying smaller businesses while boosting larger businesses with police, CON-vid-marshal & army kidnapping ('arrest') harrassment, fines, imprisonment, electronic-stalking, pregnancy & birth reduction along with JAB-o-CIDE miscarriages, job destruction, piece meal instituting of new dictats around the World, smashing up church services, continuing & increasing the 'austerity measures' that were already in operation, unapproved experimental fake toxic JAB-o-CIDES, attacking the sick, special needs, elders, children, unemployed, disabilities, homeless & most vulnerable in society, destroying both mental & physical health, 'End of Life' democidal Kill Shot Midazolam (used in US prison executions), vaccination forced miscarriages, mass hypnosis by the Main Sewer Media, smashing up funerals, weddings, health scare-mongering & instilling FEAR OF DEATH to get us to jump through their hoops, smashing up parties & sports events along with social engineering, JAB-o-CIDE apartheid, JAB-o-CIDE discrimination & segregation, destroying families & marriages, dictating social-isolation, social distancing, OCD handwashing, neurotic Deep Cleaning, psychotic hand sanitizing, Travel Bans & population-reduction democidal program of the New World Order Shadow Government Secret Societies Reign of Terror with Track & Trace which dictates to us via text where we can go & where we can't go, who we can see & who we can't see, what we can do & what we can't do with 'War on CON-vid-19' an extension of 'War on Drugs' & the 'War on Terror' (9-11 inside job) Homeland Security Patriot Act oppression & which is all masterminded & sold to every country in the World by Psychopath Bill Gates & his gang of fanatical tyrannical eugenics narcissists to democide the World by 7 billion but keep half a billion of us 'alive' as their Clot Shot Zombie Slaves to service their factories & farms since viruses are none existent but Lockdown-Crackdowns are real, a pretend pandemic administering MIDAZOLAM & REMDESIVIR 'end of life' kill shot (the very same MIDAZOLAM used in US prison executions)... but palpable global police state, blood-poisoning, blood clotting, experimental, zero-liability, unnaproved deadly pig swill JAB-o-CIDE containing lethal cocktails of mercury, graphine oxide, bismuth, aluminium, cadmium, formaldehyde, latex, lead, magnesium, chloride, chlorine, cromium, parasite, copper, tin, titanium, chimpanzee, nickle, human fetus, pig & dog using invalid CON-vid-19 swab 'tests' to steal, store & sell our geneological personal unique DNA data ('bloodlines'), censoring our texts, recording our phone calls, texts, Zooms, Skypes, bank card spending, geo-locations & Facebook posts, while unaproved, unlicensed, experimental snake oil JAB-o-CIDES prescribed by using the totally invalid fraudulent sleight of hand innapropriate billions of false positives from the we-pay PCR 'test' which is fraudulent & not fit for purpose in order to blind us with 'science' with genocide camps already set up & being filled as they've killed thousands already with hospital treatment cancellations & suicides with their lethal Oxygen Poisoning, 'End of Life Care', 'Do Not Resusitate', 'No Autopsies' 'End of Life Terminator Poison Drugs' (Midazolam), 'Isolation Camps' (Death Camps) turning care homes & hospitals into death camps with average death aged 81 all supported by the Fiendish Bill Gates bribed BBC TV, radio & Guardian newspaper while the unelected, unqualified, unaccountable, unrepresentative trickster so called 'World Health Organisation' also bribed by Fiendish Bill Gates & Rockefeller Foundation 'Operation Lockstep' (first published online in 2010) protocol which was sent to hospitals all around the World mandating them to: "Test with PCR (totally invalid according to it's inventor Kary Mullis) Isolate, Oxygenate, Ventilate ($90,000 per patient who "died of CON-vid-19" given to hospital), Intubate, Induced Coma Sedate all patients" while turning a blind eye, deaf ear & acting dumb to lethal oxygen poisoning & recording any & every death as CON-vid-19" to artificially manufacture mumbo jumbo death-tolls - all aided & abetted by the fascist Facebook-Instagram-Snapchat-Twitter-YouTube-Google-Microsoft-Apple filtering, deleting, 'fact checking' censorship & user bans for anyone they disagree with or questions their autocracy & ever increasing austerity measures leaving it totally impossible to ever 'go back to normal' but accept the unacceptable 'New Normal' demanding we 'Build Back Better) while inducing, mass-hysteria & mass psychosis into citizens creating a World of Paranoid Schizophrenic Germophobic Virtue Telegraphing Mask-Monkeys (monkey see - monkey do) sacrificing their own bodies, minds & freedoms for never ending JAB-o-CIDES causing blood poisoning, huge lethal blood clots on the brain the size of sausages, causing strokes, seizures, paralysis & deaths which are clogging up the health service with totally unnecessary JAB-o-CIDES, swabs, treatments & emergency procedures while the equally unelected, unqualified, unaccountable, unrepresentative, trickster, huckster, profiteering so called 'World Economic Forum' machiavellian control freak Klaus Schwab ( ) & member of Rothschild family banksters threatens sinister 'Great Reset' (in reality the collapse of Capitalism into fascism due to the inherent contradiction of Labour versus Capital) to refashion the World in his own bizarre & macabre image to 'Build Back Better' according to their dictatorial plans along with their extortionate aspirations of 'Abolition of Private Property' (all except THEIR private property), Negative Bank Interest Rate & Cashless Society so our bank cards can be switched off so denying us access to food, goods, services, travel, accomodation & healthcare so coercing us to do their bidding & anyone who questions their hidden agendas dressed up as health-scare the BBC, NBC et al regularly slander & libel as: "Infectious, Conspiracy-Theorists, Anti-Vaxxers, "Anti-Vaxx Weirdos" (Barclay Crawford editor of Daily Mail Australia) Vaccine Hesitants, CON-vid-Deniers, Super Spreaders, Misinformers, Needle Avoiders, Tin Foil Hats, Mask Flouters, Useless Eaters, Anti Maskers, Vaccine Refuseniks, Terrorists & Anti-Science" stealing BI££ION$ in profits for the BI££IONAIRE$ the JAB-o-CIDE profiteers & citizan tax payer funded 'Virus Research' swindle in the rip off trillion dollar vaccine industry with no intention of ever lifting the Lockdown-Crackdown but fomenting global civil war & World war in order to finally annihilate any opposition to their fiendish scheme but we are united in freedom with all power, respect & honour to the Freedom Fighters & the final solution being Mass Action to overthrow the New World Order all around the World & to BOYCOTT-BLACKLIST-BANKRUPT all shops, services, organisations, governments & individuals promoting & supporting the SCAM-demic DEMOCIDE Lockdown-Crackdown while giving support to all the Resistance & to BOYCOTT-BLACKLIST-BANKRUPT psycho Bill Gates & his JAB-o-CIDE, Microsoft Windows-Monsanto-McDonalds-Coca Cola-Burger King investments along with a BOYCOTT-BLACKLIST-BANKRUPT of fascist MSM (Main Sewer Media) switching off tyranical toxic Thought Police Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Guardian, Times, Daily Mail, BBC & CNN but using MeWe Social Media Platform, BrandNewTube Video Platform & DuckDuckGo Internet Search Engine while creating FREEDOM SOCIAL MEDIA, FREEDOM SEARCH ENGINE & FREEDOM VIDEO PLATFORM CO-OPERTIVES we EAT/GROW/SELL our own chemical free, GMO-free organic food, purchase sustainable products & use Linux free software & BOYCOTT-BLACKLIST-BANKRUPT all cashless shops, services & companies who create VACCINE APARTHEID with VACCINE PASSPORT (BOYCOTT, BLACKLIST & BANKRUPT Costa Cafe for Lockdown-Crackdown Apartheid against non vaccinated) & go CASH ONLY (to stop Cashless Society) as we buy at democratic workplace co-ops for; co-op food, co-op drink, co-op gas, co-op electric, co-op insurance, co-op telecomms, co-op internet, co-op banking - many UK co-op products & services are available GLOBALLYwhile not paying fake fines since they are unlawful, bank at credit unions not commercial banks, not doing post holiday quarantine, not snitching on neighbours but dealing with snitches while promoting & supporting human rights, civil liberties, civil rights, freedom of association, freedom of education as governments keeping children from school is a criminal offence, free speech, freedom of movement, right of self defense, freedom of employment, freedom of worship, freedom of assembly so developing a FREEDOM MOVEMENT CO-OPERATIVE SUPPLIES & utilising FREEDOM MOVEMENT CO-OPERATIVE TOKENS (a form of co-operative currency) for: food, goods, clothing, accomodation, transport & healthcare while practicing: 'fist-bumps','high-fives', 'Hugs 'R' Us' doing The Freedom Dance, joining The Freedom Band, singing the Freedom Song & Mass Action Freedom March EVERY Saturday at 12.00 Noon to EVERY Town Hall in every town, in every country in the World while one person, town or country remains in chains then no person, town or country is free & so enacting Mass Action Citizens Arrest & IMMEDIATE common law trial charging under the NUREMBERG CODE (punishable by EXECUTION) for implimenting, aiding and abetting democide on it's people despotic: Boris Jackboot Johnson ("I want to vaccinate the entire World's population by 2022"), Arch manipulator George Soros, Joe Biden, Anthony FauXi, Bill & Melinda Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Fraudster Tedros Ghebreyesus (WHO), Narcissist Klaus Schwab (WEF) & all pro-Lockdown-Crackdown politicians, doctors, police, army, teachers & all their co-conspirators & treasonous traitors for fraud, deception & 'Ultra Vires' (lat) exceeding their powers, corporate coup, crimes against humanity genocide (JAB-o-CIDE fatalities + injuries, suicides & hospital appointment cancellations, death shot Midazolam) abuse of positions of trust & power & traitorous treason, child abuse & neglect, prevention of children attending school which is a criminal offence all around the World along with abrogation of duty to protect life & limb, personal data theft, storage & selling, civil war mongering & World war mongering to finish us off & try at a Common Law People's Court presenting witnesses, documentaton & evidence with CAPITAL PUNISHMENT FOR THE PRIMARY TREASONOUS TRAITORS COMMITING HIGH TREASON AGAINST THEIR SOVEREIGN NATION & THE POPULACE THEREOF & TOTAL-LIFE IMPRISONMENT SENTENCES & DEPORTATION IN A SPECIAL FACILITY ***NOT*** ON THE SOVEREIGN MAINLAND ACCORDING TO NUREMBERG CODE as we're saying no to faceSKAMS, no to the inapropriate, trickster PCR test, tear down the pro-Lockdown-Crackdown signs, Reject the Inject, shut down the CON-vid test & CON-vid innoculation sites, ban poisonous vaccination, terminate all citizan tax-payers funding of trillion dollar phony 'virus research', abolish billionaire fake JAB-o-CIDE industry, citizens arrest, try & prosecute all politicians, medics, police & army who dared commit treason & turn on their own people, delete ALL unpermitted stolen personal data storage, abolish the Freemason Secret Society, abolish fraudulent WHO, WEF, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Clinton Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, while promoting, supporting with all power, respect & honour to all Truth Seekers, Example Setters; Freedom Fighters, Investigative Journalists, Politicians LOYAL to the People, Hippocratic Oath Honouring Doctors [along with those police & armed forces LOYAL to their pledge & Oath of Office as all medics, police & army loyal to their pledge & Oath of Office do NOT resign their post but rather ensure they uphold their pledge & Oath of Office to protect & serve the People from the LOCKDOWN THUGS IN UNIFORM you cannot be sacked for upholding your pledge & Oath of Office & argue this in tribunal if necessary] most especially: Dr David Martin, Stew Peters, Gerald Celente, Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters) OSHO, Brice Taylor, Cathy O'brien, Piers Corbyn, Gareth Icke, Alex Jones, UK Freedom Alliance, Rex Colt, Harry Vox, Chris Sky (Just Say No), Robert Kennedy, Dr John Bergman, UK Column News, Tucker Carlson, Whistle Blower Julian Assange, James Corbett, Reiner Fuellmich, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, John O'Looney Whistleblower undertaker, Gregory Mannarino, Dr. Dolores Cahill, Dr Astrid Stuckelberger, Ex CIA Whistle Blower Edward Snowden, Max Igan, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Jesse Ventura, Dr Vernon Coleman, Dr Mohammed Adil, Theoria Apophasis, David Icke & Del Bigtree & all our Freedom Communities, Freedom Assemblies, Freedom Strikes, Freedom Occupations, Freedom Raves, Freedom Marches, Freedom Demonstrations, Freedom Zones, Freedom Parties, Freedom Festivals, Freedom Rallies, Freedom of Choice, Freedom Stand in the Park, Freedom Credits Currency, Freedom Network, Freedom Motor-cades, Freedom Bike-cades, Freedom Truckades, Freedom Blockades, Freedom Actions, Freedom Alliance & FREEDOM CO-OPERATIVE NETWORK SUPPLIES for food, clothing accomodation, transport & FREEDOM FOOD CO-OPERATIVE for our food, FREEDOM HEALTHCARE CO-OPERATIVE for our healthcare as we all LINK ARMS on Freedom March & MARCH ON THE SPOT - ARM IN ARM - LINE AFTER LINE MILITARY STYLE BATALLION FORMATION IN STRICT FILE then SLOW MARCH forwards (highly disciplined - no running) TO THE BEAT OF THE DRUM line by line, arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder & STAND OUR GROUND & DONT BREAK RANKS no matter what to the TOWN HALLS of the World with all able bodied, strong fit & healthy people in the front lines & wheelchairs, crutches & walking sticks at the rear (with rearguard protection) while wearing PROTECTIVE; headgear, gloves, outerwear (low key colouring to avoid being targetted) & boots (do not present an easy target to the dark forces) with drums, whistles, megaphones, sirens, hooters, smoke sticks, clackers & rallying cries put the Fear of the People in our opponents to assert & fulfill the People's right to reclaim & occupy all of our town halls of the World recaptured & secured from this gang of power hungry thugs & put a stop once & for all to this global tyranny ensuring & defending FREEDOM OF THE PEOPLE because WE are the 99% (Strength in Numbers) - 99 times bigger & better than the 1% - IGNORANCE ISN'T BLISS IT'S AGONISING ANGUISH; AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL, UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL - ONE FOR ALL & ALL FOR ONE MARCHING TO THE FREEDOM DRUM: Keeping fit & healthy in both body & mind - FREEDOM FROM DICTATORSHIP? - MASS ACTION! - World Freedom Day approaches - My MeWe Social Media: - FREEDOM CO-OPERATIVE DAILY LINKS BULLETIN is posted EVERY day to BrandNewTube let's not be passive consumers let's be co-operative activists & play our part in the defence of freedom by sharing (& translating) to all our family, friends, platforms & Anti-Lockdown groups let "LINK ARMS & STAND OUR GROUND" be our rallying cry & never forgetting to HALT the Freedom March to call for 1 minutes silence in respect of all those who have fallen at the hands of this murderous repressive global regime so forming tight knit union between The People & pledge & oath of office honouring medics, police, army, jounalists & lawyers is enough to apply the final solution to this global fascist reign of terror. Singing the Freedom Song ('You'll Never Walk Alone'), "When you walk through a storm Keep your chin up high And don't be afraid of the dark At the end of a storm is a golden sky And the sweet silver song of a lark Walk on through the wind Walk on through the rain Tho' your dreams Be tossed and blown Walk on Walk on With hope in your heart And you'll never walk alone You'll NEVER walk alone". Yours Sincerely Bill Howard - Dialectical Materialist.

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ProudUSAGirl 2 months ago

⁣DEFUND THE MEDIA. Our war is not against the enslaved, it's against the slavemasters: The "News" Media and Social Media owned by the Cabal. They want to know every move we make. Personal privacy is becoming more precious everyday because of the unprecedented surveillance that we face today. Some countries can now hack your device, collect or delete your data, take over your social media accounts - all without a judge's warrant. Give them nothing! Encrypt your internet today! Get yourself a decentralised VPN.

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JenniferArmstrong 2 months ago

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