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NuKevin 15 Sep 2021
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The David Knight Show - 10/15/21*
15 Oct 2021
The David Knight Show - 10/15/21*
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NU Education Show. Episode 19


In Other
⁣(With Dean Val Vitols and Kevin Smith).
A weekly show, sharing Real references and a Real education of what's actualy taking place in the world, with references that pertains to the TruReality LifeIS, the ALLLISSS.

⁣On this show... 1. Luther Standing Bear and a reading from his book 'My Indian Boyhood'

2. Dr. Vernon Coleman and his article Beware of Medical Fads and Fashions.
3. Dr. Hoffe and his warning regarding blood clots due to the covid spike proteins.

⁣This Planet Earth Needs a Lot of Help from ALL of US, Right Now! Dean Val of NUUU~Nations United UNUversal UNUversity is contacting people Around This World Everyday to share the importance of The ALLNaturALL Environment Supporting ALL of US. Dean Val & Duane Lee 501C3, have created ‘CAN~Community Action Network’ to Help ALLCommunities become aware of How to Be SelfSufficient with PermaCulture & Food&RainForests. We are always looking for RealPeople to StepUp who want to Learn what Life on This Earth is all about. We will be leasing large portions of land to create Something Wonderful for ALLCommunities Everywhere! Contact: Val Vitols on Skype & Facebook & +1.408.990.6627, to get involved with what We ALL ‘CAN’ DO Now!
Or through the website provided below.

⁣Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association ⁣
⁣⁣‘THE UNUVERSAL FREEEBEING TRUCOURSE’ for Everyone on This Planet Earth

⁣Nubooks 2 and 6 (free downloads)... ⁣
The Charles and Duane Africa Show Dialogues Volume one... ⁣
​The Charles and Duane Africa Show Dialogues Volume two.. ⁣
​The Charles and Duane Africa Show Dialogues Volume three.. ⁣
​Kevin's book of Real Side Dream Experiences(free Download) ... ⁣
​Kevin's book of Real Side Experiences Book 3 (free Download)... ​⁣
​Kevin's book of Real Side Experiences Book 4 (free Download)... ⁣

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The David Knight Show - 10/15/21*
15 Oct 2021
The David Knight Show - 10/15/21*
thedeadgene · 103 Views