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Rex_Colt 23 Feb 2021
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⁣Australian Police Arrest Slaves that Escape from Covid Quarantine Camp
02 Dec 2021
⁣Australian Police Arrest Slaves that Escape from Covid Quarantine Camp
The Resistance 1776 · 283 Views

Nurse Whistleblowers In Canada Destroy The Covid-19(84) Narrative


Operation Save The Press (For Truth)! ➜
“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” - George Orwell
Nagle, a neonatal ICU nurse from London, Ont., and Sarah Choujounian, a
registered practical nurse from Toronto, traveled to BC this past
weekend to speak on behalf of the Canadian Frontline Nurses who are
exposing the corruption of the Covid-19(84) nightmare from the inside.
According to their website “We have risked everything because we care
and you, the people, need to know what's really going on. We continue
to battle through rampant censorship from the media, nursing colleges,
employers, fellow staff and complete strangers. Our families are being
threatened, all because we witnessed some serious cover-ups regarding
the real truth about COVID in various Hospitals and Care Homes.” In this
video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with the nurses about what
they’ve seen, how other nurses are handling this and most importantly
how health care professionals can join this movement of brave frontline
workers who dare to challenge the current status quo.

To learn more from Kristen and Sarah visit:


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EnnisKillen61 9 months ago


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Jos Boersema
Jos Boersema 9 months ago

An elderly people nurse I met in a fair trade food shop said she tried her best to inform the people there of the lies. She thought she could make them understand. When vaccination day came, they all accepted it. She said she cried for a week. This is in the Netherlands. The big hospital here is quiet, more quiet than it normally is. The Corona out patient clinic is quiet, always quiet. Nothing going on there. Yet they put a curfew on us. I'm sorry to say, but this is Revolution. There will be something to pay for these people who do this, such as 10 years or more in prison. This is not going to stand. You should realize however that this has nothing to do with Corona. This is the 2008 financial crisis. It is about debt and inflation. Few people seem to ask the question of why this madness is happening. That is a mistake, a big one. Now they use Corona, and I'm sure they will switch to war soon, when they can no longer hold it down with Corona alone. This will likely be a war with Russia and/or China. §

You all, you people, when are you going to take things serious. It is a lot worse than most of you think. This won't end easily. There will be a nuclear war, almost certainly. You still don't see it. You don't take politics serious, but it is very serious. The politics they are running is about money printing, this is the greatest theft possibly in world history, ever. People don't even care, so long as their selfish lives are in order. The price is now slowly becoming apparent, but this is still nothing. You'll know I'm right when it starts, and then it is probably too late to prepare. It already started in 2014, and you didn't see it. You still didn't see it. World War 3 propaganda started in 2014 with the Nazi Obama coup in Ukraine. You live lives of blind people, and I'm referring to 99% of the people, not these nurses or the video maker (who probably is one of the few who does know). It is so much more dangerous than people seem to understand. Why do you all think they dare push it like this, don't they know there is a rope waiting for all of them ? They dare because they know there is an exit strategy. Sorry to go on about it, but this is so much worse than most people understand right now.

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PICJ Founder
PICJ Founder 9 months ago

Many didn't wake up. Some woke up and then rolled over and went back to sleep. Very few have stayed awake throughout the whole nightmare. The "vaccine" will generate a mass death event this coming winter and will facilitate martial law in many countries. Hundreds of millions will die as a result of compromised immune systems and this will be blamed on a super mutation, possibly known as COVID21.

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Jos Boersema
Jos Boersema 9 months ago

@PICJ Founder: I'm afraid your expectation is well founded. What a terrible mess. Absolutely bonkers how this scam can go on. Hospital is quiet, everyone can see it ! Best of luck. Fight to the death if they threaten to vaccinate you. That's what I will do. I might kill them. I think i'll target the medical side first, not law enforcement. It's their fault first. If

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Jefferson 6 months ago

Yes, the plandemic is the First Horse of the Apocalypse. If you study the Greek word for his bow, toxon, it means, "simplest of fabrics," which I think is the masks. And of course corona means "crown." If you read Revelation 6:2 "And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer." you will see what I mean. The next horse is the Red Horse of War. So, you see what you are saying is Biblical!!!

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Jos Boersema
Jos Boersema 6 months ago

@Jefferson: I got two theories on that. First is that, while I am against the Jesus idolatry system (propaganda from Rome), I'm never quite sure about the “book of Revelation” by exception. After all, anything that is good about the Roman additions, is taken from the Jewish culture (Law of Mozes, Prophets, writings), and maybe some parts of the “Book of Revelation” could be interesting, suc as when they refer to this “mark of the beast” (in contrast to the “gospels”, which are lies). The second theory is that the ruling class might be trying to replay all the religions they can in terms of their “end times” parts, so that they can pretend they are the “savior” in all these cultures, destroy them while claiming victory within them, and establish their global tyranny. I mean, declaring their puppet to be the “return of Jesus” for the Jesus people, Matraya Buddha for the Bhuddists, the twelfth Mhaddi for Islam (if I got that correct), etc. That could mean that, major religion being right or wrong, they are doing it anyway, which makes those parts right, at least to a degree. Just a theory, but I have read some Jewish religious source which actually claimed just this, and that in the super top they are aware of the Jesus system and are working along such lines, on purpose. 《I got no notification of your reply, only saw it because you plussed a comment.》

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⁣Almost 40 years ago the greatest discoverer in the history of mankind, Dr. med. Mag.theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer had his licence to
practice medicine withdrawn only because he did not want to renounce his discovery (wording from the judgement)...
at that time almost all people believed the lies of the media ...
⁣if it would have been different, we would not be facing this terrible situation today ...
It is about time for Germanische (Germanic) Heilkunde!

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GrahamWelsh 9 months ago

Congratulations for standing against the lies of the MURDERERS

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⁣Australian Police Arrest Slaves that Escape from Covid Quarantine Camp
02 Dec 2021
⁣Australian Police Arrest Slaves that Escape from Covid Quarantine Camp
The Resistance 1776 · 283 Views