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Julian Williams
Julian Williams 18 Oct 2020
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Churchill's masters. (Metaphysics of WW2)
28 Nov 2020
Churchill's masters. (Metaphysics of WW2)
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CLIP 2 ⁣- Using fear to control population

⁣British Journalist And Author

Peter Hitchens, the British journalist, author, and political commentator.
writes for The Mail on Sunday, is a former foreign correspondent in
Moscow and Washington. He won the Orwell Prize in political journalism
in 2010.
He has contributed to The Spectator, The American Conservative magazines, The Guardian, Prospect, and the New Statesman.
He has published nine books, including “The Abolition of Britain”, “The Rage Against God”, and “The War We Never Fought”.
the coronavirus pandemic, he has been critically outspoken on global
lockdowns and their devastating economic ramifications, mandatory face
masks, which he has dubbed “muzzles”, and critical fear-mongering from
mainstream media.

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Captainjacksharrow 1 month ago

Why cant people see the emperor has no clothes?
It is SO obvious. All the facts are there.
Wow. just Wow!

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Boadicea 1 month ago

⁣ Pail O' Shit - Danistan Andrews And the Facade of a Human called 'Health Minister"
All Added to the Crimes Against Humanity Reckoning List! Along with the the Rest of 'THEM'
Certificate Of Vaccination Identification (COVID).
The number 19 denotes artificial intelligence, or A.I. (the first and ninth letters of the alphabet).
Do NOT Take the Vaccine or the Flu Shot it has been Weaponised! And So Here We Are...October 2020.
Agenda 21, Operation Lockstep, Tavistock Institute on Human Relations, Cov-ID PSYOP, in order to Crash the Economy,
Reset the System to Cashless, whereby All Transactions will then be Tracked and Traced along with the Individual Cattle (Chattel)
Destruction of Small Business, Dependence Initially on the 'Benevolent State' Until it Stops in November and the Banksters come a Calling to Repossess your Homes.
Mandatory Insertion of Unknown Toxic Cocktail Injection, (that Hasn't been Gold Standard Tested) under Threat of Freedoms and Liberties Removed. All For an Insignificant Cold Variant that has NOT been Isolated or Identified and has caused Less Deaths than the Usual Flu Season last year!
Oh...but Fauci and Baal had the Vaccine Patented years before the 'Outbreak.'­
All these Psychopaths have the Generational Arrogance to Think They Know what is Best for us, the "Useless Eaters" and That is Culling according to Baal.
How D'ya Think they're gonna Pull That Off???
Go On, have a Stab... Guess W.H.O. Still stands to make a Killing through this Long Term Eugenics Plan??? Yep, the Usual Suspects of which the Rockerfellers and Rothschilds make up a large Part of the 0.00001%.
Either Wake Up and Stand Your Ground and Start Stating NO! Or Roll Up Your Sleeves and Bid You and Your Children's Humanity Farewell. Warrior Up Dear Humans...
Watch "Line in the Sand" Sacha Stone RFK jr on Bit Chute or Brand New Tube even the Censored DARPA ones...(For Now) ;)

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Churchill's masters. (Metaphysics of WW2)
28 Nov 2020
Churchill's masters. (Metaphysics of WW2)
B R Taylor · 0 Views