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GeeGeeTee 25 Feb 2021
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Covid - Cult - The Coup UK Government's next move
19 Apr 2021
Covid - Cult - The Coup UK Government's next move
Magnus Mulliner · 2 Views

Pfizer Demanding Bank Reserves, Military Bases & Embassy Buildings As Collateral For Covid Vacci


⁣Pharma giant Pfizer has been holding sovereign governments to ransom making bizarre demands asking for bank reserves, embassy buildings and military bases as collateral in return for COVID-19 vaccines.

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Kate Miller
Kate Miller 2 months ago

PEOPLE ARE DYING FROM THE VACCINE. STOP THIS VACCINE! May God have mercy on us all, in Jesus' name, Amen.

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SueJM 2 months ago

Who's pulling Pfizer's strings? This is all so absurd that ultimately they will trip over themselves and end up in their own noose. Point is, if the vaccs were life saving none of this desperation would be happening. You can feel that they are running scared now. Very well reported.

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PedroMartinDeClet 2 months ago

⁣fauci invented aids =

in the late 60's the cia was given 10 million dollars a year, to develop a disease without a cure & about 10 years later AIDS shows up, fauci held up worldwide announcement of Aids, & stalled until ⁣French doctor⁣ Luc Antoine Montagnier let him claim that he discovered AIDS & took credit of discovering it from Doctor⁣ Luc Antoine Montagnier & because of faucis selfishness 100,000's died.

This movie from 1993 ,

⁣And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic is a 1987 book by San Francisco Chronicle journalist Randy Shilts. The book chronicles the discovery and spread of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) with a special emphasis on government indifference and political infighting—specifically in the United States—to what was then perceived as a specifically gay disease. Shilts's premise is that AIDS was allowed to happen: while the disease is caused by a biological agent, incompetence and apathy toward those initially affected allowed its spread to become much worse.

1993 - ⁣And the band played on 2:17:45

P.S. This movie is being hidden now. It is probably Mathew Modines best acting role, if you go to his Wikipedia biography it is no longer in his resume.

Think about that. His greatest role & it is no longer in his resume.

⁣Luc Antoine Montagnier

⁣Biological Experimentation A Short History Of
Secret US Human Genocide

⁣Unethical human experimentation in the United States

⁣The 13 Most Evil US Government Human Experiments

⁣Top 10 US Government Experiments Done On Its Own Citizens

⁣Army Conducted 239 Secret, Open-Air Germ Warfare Tests

⁣Secret Government Experiments On The American People

⁣American testing of biological and chemical weapons

⁣The 30 Most Disturbing Human Experiments in History



Kate McClare
CIA Operation Mockingbird - How the CIA Controls the Media - COLLECTION / DOCUMENTS

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Google’s Hidden CIA Connection - The Full Story

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Vince618 2 months ago

Life saving vaxs??? must be sarcasm surely

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BjarnePedersen 2 months ago

Take only Sputnik v vaccine.
wake up now.

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Covid - Cult - The Coup UK Government's next move
19 Apr 2021
Covid - Cult - The Coup UK Government's next move
Magnus Mulliner · 2 Views