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Piers Corbyn
Piers Corbyn 06 Oct 2020
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empty test centres
31 Oct 2020
empty test centres
TheDevilsPlayground · 1 Views

Piers Corbyn sues police - important test case!


⁣Piers talks about suing the police for wrongful arrests - these will be important test cases which will help all in #OurMovement who have been victimised by police.

⁣Support the campaign against the Covid con – this fund pays for petrol money for travel to rallies across the country, leaflets and other
campaigning materials.

Defend the right to protest – Crowd justice


#StopNewNormal - SAVE LIVES #saveourrights #standupX #event202

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hiphopchrissie 3 days ago

Vote to end the obvious fact that we live in a prison run by people using collaborators to enforce the slavery and robbery of peoples life force! BE part of the resistance that can free humanity from the EVIL system.


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catmar1944 15 days ago

["Thank you Piers you are a hero."]

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18 days ago

⁣piers mate , you should have stuck with Windows and to climate change bollocks. you are an utter cretin in your new chosen path. your parents failed humanity

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SouWester 16 days ago

Piers is spot on regarding the climate scam. The scam being, blaming humans for naturally occurring climate variations and naturally occurring climate cycles. Sick evil people found a way to tax, control, ban, restrict people and their freedoms and attack their lives, by using "blame humans for naturally occurring climate variations", to get the sick evil end result they are after. Pure Evil to do this. Two biggest scams of the last 100 years, convid1984 and climategate.

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Pandorachaser 24 days ago

Good luck with the cases. The CHIS Bill amendments is clearly designed to give full immunity to Police and Armed Services and even food and medical agencies to do as they please without retaliation litigation. It shant apply retroactively, if they get it through, so your should still be able to fight them. Not once it passes though, plus they can then poison us in any manner they choose, or just beat us to death with no comeuppence. NICE!!

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Nelia 24 days ago

Thank you for all you are doing. In all my years (apart from what was done to ladies born in 1950's) I have never witnessed such blatant lies and scaremongering by the very people we have elected. We need a whole new system in place, soon.

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empty test centres
31 Oct 2020
empty test centres
TheDevilsPlayground · 1 Views