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Piers Corbyn
Piers Corbyn 19 Nov 2020
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Outdoor masks Australia
02 Aug 2021
Outdoor masks Australia
auscovid · 2 Views

Piers Corbyn travels around London explaining the dangers of masks to the public 18.11.20


Piers Corbyn and team travel around London explaining to people the dangers of mask wearing and handing out expemption cards - 18.11.20.

Resist, Defy, Do Not Comply

⁣Support the campaign against the Covid con – this fund pays for petrol for travel to rallies across the country, leaflets and other campaigning materials.

Defend the right to protest – Crowd justice

#PiersCorbyn #StopNewNormal - SAVE LIVES #saveourrights #standupX #event202

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Hammyhunting 8 months ago

Hi Guys
I am a fellow 'non complier to the mask and lockdown rubbish'
I live in Scotland and to be honest havent had much trouble until tonight, my partner went into our local Subway where we go useally once a week and was refused service for not wearing a mask😡
So camera at the ready I went in and started to order, the girl said do you have a mask I replied I am exempt, she said show me proof, I said I am not required to show you proof she said stop filming me or I will call the police, go ahead I replied.
She called the shop manager, while waiting for him to arrive another gentleman walked into the shop no mask but with a green lanyard and she served him. The manager arrived and a heated discussion arose where he didnt want to know the goverment rules just kept asking me to leave, then this Sheep butted in, pardon the pun 😂 he said I have COPD and I wear a mask, thats your right pal but I choose not to wear one I replied🐑
Long story short I didnt get my 6inch Sub 😂
Do you think I should persue this or just get my sub elsewhere😂

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NO_FACE_MASKS 8 months ago

Thank you, wonderful effort, but it is very tough educating the brainwashed sheeple, who sadly are the majority in this country. I don't wear a mask because it is my god given right to breathe fresh air but do carry one in my pocket for those times when too many people in a shop complain to the manager that I am not wearing one and should be asked to leave (the braindead zombies in other words). Anyway the other day in Boots I was forced to put on a mask due to numerous complaints to an extremely worried manager, stood in the queue to pay and the old hag in front of me (who also had on her mask) pointed to the circles painted on the floor and ordered me to stand 2 meters away. I told the old cow that there was no need to "social distance" if we both had our masks on. "OH NO, NO, NO," said the old heifer, "YOU CAN'T BE TOO CAREFUL, CAN YOU? NOW STAND BACK." I mean she was like 70 years old so I can't exactly argue or fight with her can I? She is old enough to be my mother so out of respect, I had to bite my tongue and move back to the 2 meter circle.

You see it is not just the EVIL government that we have to deal with, it is their brainwashed zombies who make life difficult for us too. 😁😁😁

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TorixBear 8 months ago

...'we're not from TFL...' 😂😂 excellent work, thank you all

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looselips 8 months ago

top man:)

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Lovemycat 8 months ago

A hero! Wheres all our youth?

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Outdoor masks Australia
02 Aug 2021
Outdoor masks Australia
auscovid · 2 Views