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JunaidCarapiet 01 Sep 2021
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2021 Deaths England and Wales
26 Jan 2022
2021 Deaths England and Wales
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Pilot dies during flight due blood clot, 27th August 2021


Audio conversation with details

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back2thewall 5 months ago

strange i haven't seen this on BBC or CNN ... or any msm?

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romanticdance 5 months ago

But they told us it was safe to have the jab. Sheepy complained. "Wir Haben es nicht Gewusst".
The whole plane could have crashed by the idiot.
Soon drivers, chauffeurs, machinists, captains of cruiseships and tankers will drop out, killing thousands.
Any drug carrying a risk while driving or managing machinery is tagged with a warning.
But not so with Covid. A driver is allowed to immidiately go on, while already accidents have happened after the jab.
Your not allowed to drive while having a drink, but Covid is above the law.
They won't ask you, have you had the Covid vaccine, after you crashed?
Did you crash? oh it must have been Covid. Can't have been the vaccine.

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ScarpettaT 5 months ago


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ChelseaGirl001 5 months ago

Let's see how long it takes to "review" this one. It's 1816 hours BST on 01.09.21.

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Calea 5 months ago

I saw the title of this video and thought I'd chase down the article current dated. Although I can't find it yet (I got sidetracked) there is an excellent article on pilots and DVT/clotting. The article goes on to say the following:

C iting FAIR USE - grab the article, follow the internal links and read, archive and share: ⁣

"Medical News Today published a study on June 15th, 2021 that showed an increased risk of blood clotting and low platelets in AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine recipients. Some scientists hypothesize that since the ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) in the shot causes a full body reaction, once the vaccine comes into contact with platelets inside the human body, the vaccine activates those platelets, causing them to change shape and transmit chemical signals to the immune system. Those platelets send out platelet factor 4 (PF4), which regulates blood clotting. However, in some people, after some undetermined amount of time, at random, PF4 latches onto the vaccine, and large “complexes” form. Since those complexes are “unknown,” the human body interprets those clusters as threats. Thus, immune cells in the body mistakenly attack PF4’s, prohibiting them from preventing the problematic clots seen in some COVID-19 vaccine recipients.

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EvilHarryDread 5 months ago

Can you post a link to the article? Thank you.

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Coco2001 5 months ago
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2021 Deaths England and Wales
26 Jan 2022
2021 Deaths England and Wales
Eebahgum Productions · 30 Views