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hugotalks 25 Aug 2021
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18 Jan 2022
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POLICEMAN Writes OPEN LETTER Let's Stand AGAINST TYRANNY / Hugo Talks #lockdown2


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Hans S
Hans S 5 months ago

⁣The plan for the introduction of the Mark of the Beast is in stages.
All vaccinations carried out prior to the rapture^^ are not the mark of the beast but preparations, and they are also intended to determine who does and who does not want to be vaccinated, but the 'tests' are already dangerous because the test cotton swabs contain nanoparticles and this can already be considered a 'vaccine'.
The current vaccinations will also contain substances with which they want to sterilize the world's population as part of the depopulation program.
The fear is kept high by the high number of 'infections' that have been 'detected' by the totally unsuitable PCR test.
Many people who became ill from the current 'vaccines' were immediately listed as' victims of COVID-19' and that's exactly what they aim to keep people anxious and many people have already died shortly after they were 'vaccinated'.
Through current vaccinations, they also ensure that people who refuse will be isolated in order to force them to participate.
And those who absolutely don't want to be vaccinated can so easily be filtered out, characterized as a 'danger to humanity' and 'cleaned up'.
Also, the pre-rapture vaccinations are meant to ridicule people who claim that the current vaccinations are "the mark of the beast."
As explained above, it is true that current vaccinations are NOT YET the mark because they have a preparatory and different purpose.
The current purpose of the 'vaccinations' is 1) depopulation and 2) the 'vaccination' passport and 3) total control in preparation for what will happen next.

Now read what the real mark disguised as a 'vaccine' is all about:

They plan to 'vaccinate' us in the context of the 'great reset' so that we're (supposedly) resistant to the Corona (crown)-virus, and that will be done in such a way by substances that enter our body that are changing our DNA (so that we turn into willing biological robots) and other substances that interact with the 5G system that they're now rapidly establishing worldwide DURING THE LOCKDOWN, and that is why we're already learning to be 1½ meters or 6 feet apart from each other, or else that system won't be able to accurately track and monitor us, and establish evidence of 'vaccination', which will be a type of tattoo that will be applied to our bodies through tiny needles, containing that 'vaccine', and that is according to Revelation 13:16-18 which is about the mark of the beast, and that says whoever does not have that mark, that evidence of 'vaccination', will not be able to buy and sell and thus won't be able to enter the supermarket or other shops or shop online ... and thus will starve because by then the food banks will also cooperate with that system. Then all the 'vaccine' refusers will be arrested and given one more choice to be 'vaccinated', and whoever will refuse will be beheaded with a modern guillotine, and the 'vaccinated' will even applaud it because it will be said that these people stand in the way of 'progress' and the 'great solutions' of the leader of the world government, who will prove to be antichrist=instead of Christ, such as against human-induced climate change and the global redistribution of prosperity through the principle of communism, invented by the Jesuits of the Vatican, and the 'threat of an 'alien' invasion. That Vatican is the disguised Roman Empire with its true god Lucifer, and the Pope is the disguised Luciferian Roman emperor and all 'great' world leaders serve him, which is demonstrably, because Biden and Putin, Merkel, the British queen, Macron etc. know WHO he is, but they don't tell their subjects, and that the Pope is the real ruler on earth. The Pope is the 'Crown' = Corona! He will lead everyone to Lucifer worship, as he does himself.
But those who are saved by the Gospel, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4* don't have to worry, because the Lord JESUS is going to take them away to where He is before the revelation of the Antichrist and the implementation of the Mark of the Beast.
PS: the MASK TERROR is the prelude to the MARK of the Beast....Incidentally, those masks are very harmful to health.
PS 2: the needles of the 'vaccine' are made so SMALL that they fit in a kind of BAND-AID and insert 'the vaccine' PAINLESS! "The final vaccine" is for those who are left behind. A 'quantum dot tattoo'.
That mark will be applied without injection in (optionally ) the right hand or forehead, and one will be able to do it themselves, for it will be presented as that quantum dot tattoo in the attractive and deceptive shape of a round little band-aid that barely will hurt and which can be removed after some time, because then that 'vaccine' is already under the skin and in the body by means of those small needles, after which the 'Luciferase' will do its job and will make the 'vaccinee' the property of 'the beast' and the devil.
With a special lamp it can be checked whether one has actually been marked, because soon after that tattoo has been applied it will no longer be visible with the naked eye, which many people will find very attractive.
The patent number of 'Luciferase' contains the numbers 666!

*Just believe that God became man in JESUS Christ who shed His sinless blood for the remission of our sins, was buried and rose from the dead after three days.
If you believe this you're not only saved^ but also sealed with the Holy Spirit=JESUS in spiritual capacity and then you're rapture-ready.
^Saved from the Lake of Fire = God's eternal wrath upon sin and His created beings who hate Him or who are indifferent to Him.

^^The rapture is the Apostle Paul's revelation of the sudden removal of the members of the 'Body of Christ', which is all people worldwide who believe in the right gospel, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. Bible texts related to the rapture are: 1 Thessalonians 2:19, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, 1 Thessalonians 5:9, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4, 1 Corinthians 15:50-52, Philippians 3:20-21, Titus 2:13.

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Persona Towers
Persona Towers 5 months ago
SarahJane1 5 months ago

We are nearing September and writing an open letter is pussy footing around at the moment. He needs to assemble all like-minded police constables in his station and travel to the next police station. At that station he needs to assemble all like-minded police. Then march to the next station. He needs to do this until he has hundreds or thousands. Then decide what next to do.

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furryandrew 5 months ago

⁣Well done D. Ive been saying for months that the most crucial section of society to get on board with whats really happening is the police & armed forces who will be roped in as the bad guys front line against the people should there soon be major dissent on the streets, & in truth the police are treated just as badly as all the rest of us ordinary citizens and once theyve done whatever the zillionaires require them to do theyll probably just get replaced with heartless A.I. robots.

So its crucial that they know the real facts behind the establishment BBC and corporate media's everyday propaganda, half-truths & omissions so that if Bojo and his treacherous chums want to put the people down then him and his horror show cabinet of sold-out "whats in it for me" selfish idiots will have to do it themselves, and I believe his fleet of worn-out 2nd hand water-cannon have all been flogged off for scrap now.

Lets see police here do what they've been doing in Austria and France - joining in with the protesters theyre supposed to be putting down! And lets hope there are some in the army who know whats really going down, cos its scary to think what theyre capable of when theyre trained to just follow whatever orders theyre given without considering anything else.

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18 Jan 2022
DUBsential · 160 Views