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Freedom is a Word 2020 Full Vid
15 Apr 2021
Freedom is a Word 2020 Full Vid
ParadiiiigmShift · 1 Views

President Trump Tells CPAC He Won 2020 Election, May Run Again


⁣Trump admits again now that the false impeachment trial is over, that the election was in fact stolen, while giving his most recent speech at this year's CPAC.

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DanStoneman 1 month ago

⁣⁣Despite the aforementioned carnage and the further deregulation of the corporatocracy, controlled opposition figures such as the widely circulated QAnon tell us that Trump is a white knight waiting for the right moment to end the banker’s hegemony over planet earth.

For anyone who still believes this and bought that swamp in Florida which was supposed to get drained…some day, here’s the evidence that in fact your white knight is nothing more than a Trojan horse Crown Agent beholden to the City of London banksters.

In 1987 Donald Trump purchased 93% of Resorts International, a CIA front founded by Crown Agents Allen Dulles and David Rockefeller as the Mary Carter Paint Company in the 1950’s. A year later Trump bought the Atlantic City, NJ Taj Mahal Casino from Resorts International, then began buying up other properties on the Atlantic City boardwalk.

Soon Trump was tapped out and couldn’t make his debt payments.

Enter Wilbur Ross, billionaire bond trader portrayed by the Illuminati financial media as an “independent investor”. In fact, in 1992 Ross was heading Rothschild Inc.’s bankruptcy advising team, which represented bondholders who were threatening to foreclose on Donald’s house of cards.

Ross saw how Trump had the ability to sway masses of people, something certainly not missed by his bosses at Rothschild. So he struck a sweetheart bankruptcy deal for Trump, where he would relinquish a 50% stake in his Atlantic City, NJ Taj Mahal casino in return for better debt terms and a Presidency to be named later.

Rothschild and their City of London partners in crime, not only got a new East Coast money laundering center in Atlantic City. They now had their straw man Trump by the balls.

Later Ross would partner with Jared Kushner in buying commercial properties in New York through Invesco. Jared married Trump’s daughter Ivanka, who prior to that had been dating Lord Jacob Rothschild’s son Nat. Ross got behind Trump’s candidacy and would later be named Commerce Secretary.

For the Democratic faithful feeling a big smug right about now, don’t forget that Hillary Clinton had herself been endorsed by Lynn De Rothschild.

The City of London had this election in the bag. Time to lose childish illusions fed by Crown Agents. Forget about elections. Those days are over. It’s time to unite, drop the cowardly lion routine and cut off the head of snake.

Trump is a Trojan Horse, he is NOT going to do a single thing in the slightest to help you. Arrest Hillary Clinton? Don’t be silly!! She is Trumps 18th cousin! All bloodlines link to the royal family.

Rothchilds are the leader to the New World Order.. This is what you are seeing right now, vaccines to kill you off, Control over the population, soon food shortages.. they are coming for you next

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Wise1 1 month ago


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bodbod 2 months ago

Trump IS part of the swamp ffs
All the idiots on Twitter last night praising him (oh my, Trump sure told Biden ) ( Looks like Biden will be out in 2024 when Trump runs again )
Honestly, this is a circus for the low IQ, when and if twump runs they'll fix the votes like last time and he'll lose like last time but twumpy baby knows this because behind closed doors they're organising the event to role out that way, while the Yanks are concentrating on the election THINGS are being altered in the background which means twump is part of the plan (problem)

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Rob1n 2 months ago

if he knows he won and they rigged the election - why would he now think another election is the way to go when they will be in full control of the voting again

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Np79 1 month ago

Hegelian dialectic by the time this 4 years are over we will be own in view by China...Venezuela 2.0.

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Freedom is a Word 2020 Full Vid
15 Apr 2021
Freedom is a Word 2020 Full Vid
ParadiiiigmShift · 1 Views