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Kristall 21 Apr 2021
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24 May 2022
Professor Schwab has a message for you!
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Professor Sucharit Bhakdi | Tetanus Vax vs C-19 Vax



⁣Professor Sucharit Bhakdi | Tetanus Vax vs C-19 Vax
⁣An excerpt from:
Perspectives on the Pandemic | "Blood Clots and Beyond" | Episode 15 by Journeyman Pictures - Apr 16, 2021
In February, 2021, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D. and a number of his colleagues warned the European Medicines Agency about the potential danger of blood clots and cerebral vein thrombosis in millions of people receiving experimental gene-based injections. Since then, two of the four injections have been suspended or recalled in Europe and the United States for just that reason. In this episode of Perspectives, Professor Bhakdi explains the science behind the problem, why it is not just limited to the products already suspended, and why in the long term we may be creating dangerously overactive immune systems in billions of unwitting subjects.
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Flintstone6 1 year ago

I could not hear Professor Bhakdi when playing on my phone, but I can now that I'm on my laptop. I don't understand why that is, but maybe that will work for others having the sound problem.

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Mareko 1 year ago

no sound, please fix it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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dasrosagrautier 1 year ago

no sound on neither if the videos

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ASantos 1 year ago

Everytime the Prof Bhakdi speaks just sounds like those old tapes being pulled off.

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Kristall 1 year ago

Sorry about that :(

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Excessive bleeding can manifest with a myriad of symptoms, these injections are not safe and should be abandoned. Let the Billionaires take a hit.

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Professor Schwab has a message for you!
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