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Nikon A900  4K Test Video clips - hand held, night/macro
07 Mar 2021
Nikon A900 4K Test Video clips - hand held, night/macro
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Proof Rastafarians are Satanist Idolaters occult worship Selassie I Hand womb signs Caballa


Haile Selassie said he is not Christ . They are idolaters who make the sign of the Satanic Womb Triangular Symbol devil music taking over black community. Negroes wake up, repent from doing evil. Should boys or men have long hair? No . The hair, head covering laws changed in Corinthians under Apostle Paul as the church was being set up and Christ's kingdom

Obeah to get sales in Jamaica

The occult in your living room their symbols how to identify them by Prophecy Club

Prophesy Club
Stephen Dollard Ex Satanist testimony

Notice many Jamaicans like JIS presenters, celebrities, rich, famous, doctors, scientists, politicians, Africans, gospel singers, tv shows, etc use these symbols

Satanism , magic, sorcery, charms, idolatry in Jamaica
Jamaicans spend thousands to get foreign magic spells

Sin Sodomy occult in the dancehall rap music men women
The witchcraft, Sodomy, eating abominations, adultery and Whoredom, etc is in every aspect and promoted in the music. Dem sell Dem soul to di devil for money. Corrupting the music and society . Duet 23v17 There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a Sodomite of the sons of Israel. Duet 22 v5 A woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment:for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God 1 Kings 14v24, Romans 1, Ezekiel 18, Ezekiel 33,. Ecclesiasticus 9v4 Use not much the companie of a woman that is a singer, least thou be taken with her attempts.

Satanic symbols James, Sports personality , liberals, politicians, witches, wizards, preachers, gospel singers, rich and famous and their Satanic ties to Egyptian Sorcery and hand womb signals

Wicked Hand signs in the Bible , Satanic Hand signs , Kneel Gestures etc

PROVERBS 6 v 12-15
12 ¶ A naughtie person, a wicked man walketh with a froward mouth.

13 He winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feete, hee teacheth with his fingers.

14 Frowardnesse is in his heart, he deuiseth mischiefe continually, he soweth discord.

15 Therefore shall his calamitie come suddenly; suddenly shall hee be broken without remedie.

Mutabaruka Rastafarian confirm they are obeah workers

L G B t Rastas Effeminate womb spirit , masculine l e s b o s for money
notice the woman dressed like man abomination and the J flag abomination

Famous, powerful, rich, etc and their Satanic hand signs

Scatta Rasta says he loves the Devil Hate the Bible rules

 Fall of the Cabal parts 1 to 10

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Ray Sherwin
Ray Sherwin 2 months ago

We all have a right to believe what we please so long as we cause no harm.

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Zicopookyboo LilyoftheValley

The children of Israel do not have any such right to believe whatever. The lessons of our forefathers are taught to our people on earth and to correct them when they err.

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Nikon A900  4K Test Video clips - hand held, night/macro
07 Mar 2021
Nikon A900 4K Test Video clips - hand held, night/macro
WideEyeVideo · 1 Views