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Dr Vernon Coleman
Dr Vernon Coleman 11 Nov 2020
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MASKS To Be WORN For The ENTIRETY Of 2021!! Hugo Talks #lockdown
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Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good


International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains why face masks do more harm than good.

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Junior_Rocky 7 hours ago

⁣Wear a mask if you want to. (Anti) “Social Distance” if you want to. Just don’t try to force other people to do the same!

People at risk should take the precautions they think necessary, but most of the present “one-size-fits-all” strategy deprives extremely low-risk people of the things that make life worth living, with no benefits to show for it!

Depriving people of their freedom of movement, association, and ability to earn a livelihood and obtain an education, and to interact with people outside of their households (which, my liberal comrades seems to have forgotten, is a basic human need) is cruel, and should not even be considered in any free society.

My sympathies lie with all of the casualties BECAUSE of the lockdowns and shutdowns:

1) The millions made unemployed.

2) Those who lost their homes and apartments, and are now homeless.

3) The countless hard working small business owners that have lost their life’s work.

4) The increased mental illness and depression.

5) The REAL ailments that will go undiagnosed because people cannot get in to see their doctor.

6) The physical, mental and emotional harm being done to people that are forced to wear masks.

7) Many long term effects that we are not even aware of yet.

8) Increased levels of domestic violence.

9) An increase in child abuse.

10) Grieving people who were not allowed to be present for their loved ones and pay their respects at funeral.

11) Patients not able to see their family in hospital whilst not well, including young children.

12) The psychological damage done to children from being told they have to social distance from their friends and wear a muzzle if over 11yrs old.

13) The disruption to children’s education.

I could go on and on but basically the destruction caused by the lockdowns and coronavirus restrictions have been and still are totally disproportionate against the damage caused by the virus.

All down to USELESS Politicians listening to the advice of scientists who have conflicts of interest anyways and stand to make a fortune from shares in pharmaceutical companies when they roll out the Gates of Hell killer vaccine.

This is all a government overreach! I am right, and I am already being proven right. Remember, fear does not save lives, it prevents people from living!

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Bigbear 14 hours ago

Another great and informative video Dr Coleman. thank you so much for all you do.
viva la resistance!

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UnRhodesian 2 days ago

⁣For video + computer-translated subtitles (VIA TORRENT) in about 175 languages for this video, copy the following magnet link to your torrent program:⁣

If you want to create hand-made subtitles (surely of better fidelity than the computer-translated ones) either start with the computer ones in your chosen language, then modify them; OR at least save yourself time and work by using the time codes in the torrent.

For subtitles in about 125-150-175 languages for several other Vernon Coleman videos, search for Vernon Coleman on and .

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patruddick 2 days ago

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi .and Dr Karina Reiss wrote a book titled CORONA FALSE ALARM FACTS AND FIGURES stating exactly the same thing about mask wearing as Dr .Vernon Coleman ,and more .Dr Coleman also writes many medical books .his book IF ANYONE TELL YOU VACCINES ARE SAFE AND EFFECTIVE .is brilliant . why is it doctors nurses and those in government ,say masks are safe when they know that they are not safe to wear .maybe they want people to wear them because they know masks will shorten their lives .

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davidwinter 2 days ago

⁣⁣Apologies if you are seeing this multiple times. I'm posting this in as many of Dr Coleman's videos, as what I have here is I think very important in spreading his message. A solution to censorship! It's an idea I've been playing around with for quite a while now - Please all people who support what Dr Coleman is doing, visit the pulse and register. Then (when logged in) select him [OMC - Old Man in a Chair] as a 'supported changemaker'. If we can get all of Dr Coleman's supporters registered in the Pulse, then we can build that number by propagating it to others lke Dr Colin M Barron, The Corbett Report, Amazing Polly, Sinitra Gupta and all the other present-day heroes. The Pulse is a very simple site that will be replicated soon, many times, to form an indestrudtible network of truth tellers and supporters. Please register.

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MASKS To Be WORN For The ENTIRETY Of 2021!! Hugo Talks #lockdown
hugotalks · 162 Views