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Chaka 24 Jan 2021
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Look What's On UK Govt Website #Microchip #Transhumanism / Hugo Talks #lockdown
20 Jun 2021
Look What's On UK Govt Website #Microchip #Transhumanism / Hugo Talks #lockdown
hugotalks · 1725 Views

Protest against lockdown measures _ Rioters pelt police with rocks in the Netherlands


⁣Rioters set fires in the centre of the southern Dutch city of Eindhoven and pelted police with rocks Sunday at a banned demonstration against coronavirus lockdown measures.

Officers responded with tear gas and water cannons, arresting at least 30 people.

The country has been in a tough lockdown since mid-December that is due to continue at least until February 9.

Trains to and from the station were halted and local media reported plundering at the station.

There were no immediate reports of injuries.

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Bunty 5 months ago

⁣Don’t think there isn’t anything that, albeit isolated and cut-off from others as we may be – that we can’t do to create a worldwide collective, gathering wave of protest – whereas violence and rioting is playing into the hands of the system.. check out Delores Cahill site/contact page for a leaflet the end of this leaflet is a suggestion for a worldwide initiative to take place on Fridays at 7pm.. peaceful...non-violent...nothing that plays into their hands/that anyone can be arrested for...:))

p.s. Thank you Rogersings NOW News!

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5 months ago

All one needs to do is not comply. I don't. Destruction is not the way forward. They want to be BLM or Antifa? The Gilets Jeunes never destroyed anything during their 18 month mass protests.

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Xpistiva 5 months ago


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Ray Sherwin
Ray Sherwin 5 months ago

These people are not rioters. They are freedom fighters. BTW = marbles and bolases are useful against cavalry.

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TartanMcTwisted 5 months ago

Exellent...People with backbone and who care about theyre future and theyre childrens future

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Look What's On UK Govt Website #Microchip #Transhumanism / Hugo Talks #lockdown
20 Jun 2021
Look What's On UK Govt Website #Microchip #Transhumanism / Hugo Talks #lockdown
hugotalks · 1725 Views