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Andrew Pilkington
Andrew Pilkington 11 Jun 2021
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29 Jul 2021
Tucker Carlson Tonight Full July 27, 2021 | Fox News Today 7:27:2021(360p)
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"NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT" - Contaminated PCR & LFT Nasal Swabs (FULL)




The Nasal Swabs they use for PCR and LFT “Tests” are now “PROVEN” to be “Contaminated” with a DEADLY Carcinogen “Ethylene-Oxide”. LOOK IT UP!
Cassandra S. Dunn explains, these Contaminated Swabs are the US, also.

Q: “Who” is responsible within the British Government, for the wide-scale purchase and distribution of these “Brain Cancer” Implant devices from China?

Here's “PROOF”, that our Country itself and Everyone here, is under Biological Attack and in some cases, this particular Personal Attack may happen up to 3 times a week, if not more and it's worse for the Children.

I categorise this as a “National Security Threat”, as well as agreeing with Mark Sexton, that this is an “On-going Terrorist Attack”, "Directly" at the Infrastructure of our Country, while people still Slumber:

Infrastructure Targets:
1) Those in Our Military, Intelligence and Terrorism Communities.
2) Police and Emergency Services.
3) NHS and Other Healthcare Organisations.
4) Education.
5) Local Councils and other Civil Servants.
5) Transport.
6) Communications.
7) Power and Fuel Suppliers.
8) Farmers and the other Food Industries.
9) Shops, Stores, Retailers and Manufacturers (if we have any left?).
10) Basically “Everyone”, especially the Elderly, but NOW they are coming for the Children. Yes! They are wanting to Murder our Kids, too. If we do nothing to Stop the Insanity.

And, it’s not as if Deadly Carcinogen’s and “Hydrogel” are the only Attack that’s on-going. The Hydrogel NanoWorms have been found in the Deadly “Face Mask” fabric too. Here and Abroad.

Coupled with that, being coerced to Suffocate ourselves with Face Masks and take part in Human DNA Medical Experiments, wrongly labelled as "Vaccines". Britain is set to Fall and take us all down with the Sinking Ship.

What happens when all the people in these key posts are Crippled and / or Dead, as a direct result of these “Personal” Attacks? Is that the point where Enemy Troops walk our Streets, picking and Choosing “Who” Lives and “Who” Dies?
Who needs to be hit with Psychological Warfare after all that? We do, of course.

JUST READ THE BLOODY LABEL FFS! It is Right in our Face: “Sterilised by Ethylene-Oxide Gas (EO)”.

Special Thanks to former PC, Mr. “Mark Sexton”, former Nurse and Medical Investigator, “Cassandra S. Dunn”, the Superb Team who conducted the Microscopic Swab Analysis in the Slovak-Republic. Brand New Tube Channels: “Learn Something New Today” (“LSNT”), for originally bringing me to the work of Mark Sexton and Cassandra S. Dunn, “hugotalks” and “GGT” for uploading the same. Thank you all.

Video Clips and Links (in order of play)
1) Mark Sexton’s Facebook post dated 19th May at 2145. “Contaminated” Nasopharyngeal “PCR” Test Swab (UK).
2) Same video, as uploaded to Brand New Tube on the 20th May by “Learn Something New Today” (“LSNT”). For those without Facebook access.
3) Analysis of test sticks from surface testing in the Slovak Republic - confirmation of genocide. (PDF File)
4) Mark Secton’s 2nd video of the 19th May. PROOF, on the Packet.
5) Full video by “Cassandra S. Dunn”, uploaded to Brand New Tube on the 09th June by “GGT”. 2x “Contaminated” Nasopharyngeal “PCR” Test Swabs (US).
6) Mark Sexton’s Facebook post dated 23rd May at 1737. Examination of “LFT” Test Swab.
7) Mark Sexton’s Facebook post dated 30th April. “Contaminated” Nasopharyngeal “PCR” Test Swab (UK).
8) “Woman CALLS NHS and SERVES NOTICE OF LIABILITY Hugo Talks #lockdown”.

Just prior to uploading this video, another video has just been published on this same subject of the Contaminated Nasopharyngeal Swabs, in which a Man reports PLANdemic Murder to the Metropolitan Police and serves them Notice of Liability, also. Please see this link for that video:

If you are still on Facebook, please join us at “Worldwide Awakening”.

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Tucker Carlson Tonight Full July 27, 2021 | Fox News Today 7:27:2021(360p)
29 Jul 2021
Tucker Carlson Tonight Full July 27, 2021 | Fox News Today 7:27:2021(360p)
srmgin · 18 Views