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HerbalGurl 19 Oct 2021
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Famous dead and incapacitated with Covid's vaccine! White Hats?
28 Nov 2021
Famous dead and incapacitated with Covid's vaccine! White Hats?
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Source: Death To The New World Order
⁣Harry Link 🔥
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We've seen the Zulus of Africa with their Spears say no, the Australian Aborigines with their bows refusing to let the tyrants get near their territory, now the Indians in Saskatchewan Canada running into the bush in the freezing cold with their children desperately trying to avoid these murderers. In Canada this far it has been a choice whether or not someone submits to injection but evidently on this Indian Reservation it is no longer a choice. Maybe some people don't know that an Indian reservation is its own separate sovereign Nation, and so the laws of the surrounding country and the rest of the world do not apply. Undoubtedly someone has been given a lot of money or resources to do this to the natives and I will again ask the question I have several times, why do they have to actually inject people why can't they just fake the numbers? Fake the injections? Someone somewhere is somehow verifying that people are actually injected driving the motive to hunt people down in such a way otherwise they could just accept the injections, except the money, and say that they did it, whether they did or not. They could fudge the numbers and call it a day. There's something we're not seeing here and I suspect there is a technology being employed inside those who have been injected which will be verifiable, this information will come out in the relatively near future and when it does, those who have been injected will have no way out. At least we can run into the forest. Death to the New World Order
Harry Link is the UNDECEIVABLE thorn in the side of the evil New World Order wielding the gift of discernment for decades slaying dragons and demanding that you do the same - DO IT NOW
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2021 Videocaster of 'RedAlert' with Howard Nema
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Theos Therapeutae
Theos Therapeutae 1 month ago

they should? meanwhile, the navawhore nation got paid 6 billion for being the only willing actors in new mexico, desides gallup.

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KimberlyIwd30 1 month ago

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MariaAdb34 1 month ago

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romanticdance 1 month ago

You can be shure that they use the jab to get rid of the natives.

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Famous dead and incapacitated with Covid's vaccine! White Hats?
28 Nov 2021
Famous dead and incapacitated with Covid's vaccine! White Hats?
srmgin · 29 Views