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BitsandBobs 20 Apr 2021
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WATCH: "Humane" bill proposes pain relief for unborn babies in late-term abortion.
12 May 2021
WATCH: "Humane" bill proposes pain relief for unborn babies in late-term abortion.
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"WATCH" What a disgrace NHS Staff!!!


Hospital staff clearly falsify information regarding a covid test on a gentlman that did not take place.
⁣ It is TOTALLY and UTTERLY evil what they are doing and all of them, be it the people giving the orders or the people obeying them, clearly have no conscience whatsoever and should hang their heads in shame.

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FusterCluck 16 days ago

Are they playing at being ignorant or are they really that ignorant? I swear it likes invasion of the body snatchers or something. It's like there is NO humanity, morality, compassion or empathy left in these people. They are so easy to spot too.

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Sgthugostiglitz 20 days ago

fair play to that man hes not giving up, these lot want to think about what might happen to them if civil war happens.
we will not forget what you've done to help the elites achieve.

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eartho 20 days ago

Does the NHS get paid the big bucks for recording patients as positive like they do in the US?

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WorldofLies237 20 days ago

I don't know but it wouldn't surprise me one bit.

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yamfood 20 days ago

Yea, it's worse under these public health systems because all their money is from the government.

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TruthConscious 20 days ago

Arrogant corrupted FOOLS!!

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resetresister 20 days ago

F**k this shit. To obstruct loved ones from being around a sick family members bedside is human rights abuse (Article 8 right to family life). But they have now changed that by saying "no its not an inalianable right because those have been cancelled under Covid Emergency Powers Act" - Statutory legal system now backing up State Totalitarian diktats to deny living men n women justice. Living men n women: are you gonna continue pay taxes to pay their wages to be RULED over? Feudal days are long gone- you govern with consent of the people or you dont get to govern at all. Medical mafia who have thrown compassion and common sense in the bin to blindly follow top-down diktats are State Collaborators who will be held personally accountable. no taxation without representation. enough is enough! We the People only option now is to unite together under universal principles of Common Law to enact Lawful Rebellion: remove rogue govt and arrest collaborators. We Living Men + Women are many and they are few. We dont need State permission to live our ordinary peaceful productive and free lives.

Fight this psuedo- medical mafia bullshit (fire with fire):

Probably around 80% of unvaxxed folks by now got healthy long-lasting T cell immunity against covid anyway. British Medical Journal article said months ago about it: 6 new published scientific studies in 2020 asserting that it blunts disease severity and lasts many years.

BMJ article author tried prompt Pfizer to confirm that by testing vax placebo group for T cell immunity but Pfizer refused. Why did Pfizer refuse? Because likely they knew findings would show that naturally-aquired immunity is protection against covid which is stronger and much longer lasting than vaccine conferred immunity. But that would have meant a loss of most of their target market consumers and much diminished profits- no? Would have saved a few million of taxpayers money on vax vials too, Boris.

WethePeople gonna prove it ourselves then:

I suggest everybody organise on Telegram to contact company below. Last year they said they were gonna release a new invented £100 covid T cell immunity blood test to the public but suddenly Govt paid them £40k grant to only make it available to researchers, not the public.

Lets write to company en mass in our thousands asking them to make blood test available to us ordinary folks. If they need grant, we will crowdfund the money ourselves. We can form a few million strong placebo group vs vaxxed group. We will prove the science then rip up govt planned vax passport plans once n for all. F**k you Bill Gates. We the people got our own agenda too: we will be free from coerced medical impositions on our bodily sovereignty and we dont comply with unlawful diktats trying to stop unvaxxed enjoying normal life such as travel, work, be at loved ones hospital bedside etc.

Great Reset = Great Reject

⁣Indoor Biotechnologies, Ltd
Vision Court, Caxton Place
Cardiff CF23 8HA

Tel: +44 (0)2921 674 640 Fax: +44 (0)2920 108 776

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WATCH: "Humane" bill proposes pain relief for unborn babies in late-term abortion.
12 May 2021
WATCH: "Humane" bill proposes pain relief for unborn babies in late-term abortion.
Gript Media · 0 Views