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RAW VIDEO Firefighter's Helmet Catches on Fire-Edited with Slow Motion


⁣⁣12.13.21 DPCSanBCYT God bless Ch 13 & Click 2 Houston for always showing the public what goes on in the field at HFD. Key points: 3:00-3:12 because you'll miss it in the original. How is Chaput? If this is Matt Chaput, based on the uniform info only, he was in the military. The comments under Ch 13's video are pretty terrible. Maybe they won't be so smug when they see it slow. Edited-All Footage Rights Belong to ABC13 Houston Tx. Copy of this sent to ABC13 12.14.21 & Click2Houston 12.15.21

FYI, the speed is negative 225. Not 2.25, NOT 22.5, it's minus two hundred twenty five. That fire was FAST, they brushed it off & walked away. Let me tell you, he had to get some burns out of that. They were going up his pants' legs a little as well. Can't wait to hear your side, guy!

Notice that this entire incident happened in less than 60 SECONDS AND he had on fire gear--such as it was. Families need to train for fire drills when seconds count. They have metal ladders for apartments & 2 story homes that you bolt to your floors by the windows.

FDID Summary By Incident Type (939 pages of incidents)
Report Period: 1/1/18 to 12/31/18

After editing this video to slo mo, it seems clear to me what happened, but I was never actually a fire fighter, although I was offered the job when I worked there. Rest in peace, Steve Hopkins. When something changed the fire direction over the roofs to the left, back side about midway through the regular speed video, that's when the fire got blown out of the door where Chaput was. He barely had time to turn his head & JUST did so in the nick of time. It's a lot easier to see in slo mo. Thank God they have free online editing elsewhere that we can use.

After seeing this cheap, defective helmet lit up like a Christmas tree on Chaput's head, I'd like to buy it for $100 for the HFD Museum. That thing was actually FLAMMABLE!! The fire stuck on it like tar on your feet on a hot Texas day. The HFD Museum is under historic preservation remodeling as of today.

I will be following up on this later in the week. I will also forward a copy of this to Ch 13 in Houston. This happened in 2018, just ran across it yesterday when I was checking on HFD here on YT. Today, I called Stn 25 & Stn 67 since Matt worked at both. I left my info just so he would know this is here to view. He's in the HFD 2019 yearbook under both of the stations on pages 94 & 201.

Link to original video:

RAW VIDEO: Firefighter's Helmet Catches on Fire
Jun 21, 2018
ABC13 Houston
501K subscribers
Raw video of firefighters knocking out two suspicious fires in SE Houston.

How I did the edits, all FREE: It took me 2 days & I have not gone to bed since the night before. The subject matter is dear to my heart as a former HFD 911 Classified Civilian from Central Command.

Text boxes created here,
Slow motion done here:
Merging of Ch 13's original 59 second clip & my clip done here:
Added the created texts boxes to my part of the video here:

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