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Life_In_The_Labyrinth 19 Apr 2021
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WtF's Evening Tyranny Report 5-16-2021 "Following The Science"
17 May 2021
WtF's Evening Tyranny Report 5-16-2021 "Following The Science"
Waking The Future · 311 Views

RED ALERT!!! Neo-Mengeles In US Gov't Want To Forcibly Inject The Population!!


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AllieK 26 days ago

Violation of the Nuremberg Code!!!

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CODOHDOTCOM 27 days ago

⁣Josef Mengele – the Creation of a Myth

⁣One of the first martyrs of Jew Finance was
America's epic hero, General Patton, Commander of the U.S. Army
invading Germany, the "knight of the armoured divisions". A
descendant of the American pioneers, he thought of Nazism as a
satanic evil. The propagandists, journalists and statesmen said so,
anyway, so far as he was aware. He arrived in Germany hating it.
He believed that the nazis must be punished. Then, a German dairymaid living in the neighbourhood of his H.Q. happened to come
his way, and during a casual conversation she told him about the
things happening behind the "villa of the commandant", i.e. his
house. She described how the milk intended for the cities was dumped
in the roads by the military police on the order of the Morgenthau
boys, how, no longer Nazis but ordinary German soldiers were
detained in crowded internment camps just because they did their
duty, how the workers had been expelled from their homes out of
revenge by the former inmates of the concentration camps, and how
Jewish doctors in the hospitals recommended that every fourth newborn baby should be killed with an injection because there was not
enough milk.P144

⁣Lord Pirbright (Rothschild) and his banker cousins at N.M. Rothschild & Co. were godfathers of the 2nd Boer War concentration camps (1899-1902) to drive the French, Dutch and Germans out of South AfricaNew Evidence: Leading London Jews were running the first modern war concentration camps where over 60,000 whites and blacks died, including more than 14,000 mostly white children who were subjected to Burroughs Wellcome & Co. (now Wellcome Trust–Coronavirus funder and GlaxoSmithKline) vaccine experimentsThese Privy Council and Parliamentary records have been discovered after much difficulty and missing documents.

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Disposer 27 days ago

This new drug is technically not a "vaccine" and therefore may not fall under that law. That and the fact it has not been properly tested. There are no legal grounds to mandate this shit.

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BigBangNone 27 days ago

Later, when the world finds out that these Democrat politicians and Big Pharma Doctors are heavily invested in VAX STOCKS they will lose their jobs political seats and will be tried and convicted of hiding the real local City / County Mortality Curve statistics while pushing these fake inacurrate PCR Test Kits scaring people into taking the most Dangerous JABS IN HISTORY !!!!


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alladin123 27 days ago

Looks like another chick with a dick ,,
They are making the jab mandatory for all armed forces in July ..
It will be interesting to see how that goes,,

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WtF's Evening Tyranny Report 5-16-2021 "Following The Science"
17 May 2021
WtF's Evening Tyranny Report 5-16-2021 "Following The Science"
Waking The Future · 311 Views