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Wayne Allyn Root Ramps Up the Fight Against The Fascist Left in America
18 May 2022
Wayne Allyn Root Ramps Up the Fight Against The Fascist Left in America
TheAlexJonesChannel 31 Views



Update from Reiner Fuellmich & Team


From what I can gether, this was recorded in Poland back end of November 21

鈦b仯鈦b仯鈦b仯鈦b仯鈦b仯鈦b仯鈦b仯鈦b仯鈦b仯鈦b仯鈦b仯鈦b仯鈦b仯PLEASE 鈦b仯NOTE... 馃憞馃憞

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鈦b仯Yellow card scheme MHRA
Vaers website ~

Yellow card scheme MHRA + Vaers = Only 1 ~ 10% of accurate figures

鈦owever, for a more accurate idea as to the numbers of adverse reactions & death's following rhe jab, please see

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loenatix 5 months ago

How would you solve the problem of 20% of the population consuming 80% of the global resources?

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GlobalFooling 5 months ago

The spiritual dimension is absolutely key for understanding what's going on - but few if any will understand.
There has been a fight of sheep against wolves since Cain first killed Abel; and the inevitable progression of history since then has now come down to the final fight of good vs. evil, as Reiner Fullmich says.
satan must be allowed to manifest himself in all his wickedness and depravity; and he has many who will help him to do this; his kingdom must be set up so we can see w

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GlobalFooling 5 months ago

...hat the natural heart of fallen man is both capable of, and what he will do given free rein. But the Creator Himself is stirring; these are the last days of fallen man's reign upon the earth, and the satanists who are controlling the agenda, eg Schwab, Gates, etc, know this, and so are rushing as fast as they can to introduce "Agenda 2030" etc, which is the absolute archtype of worldwide tyranny. As others have said, the darkest hour is just before dawn, and dawn approaches.s

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GracieTheCat 5 months ago

we no longer need the centeral banks. PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS!

These tyrants have stolen our wealth, the pensions are gone. Time to round these fuckers up and build a great big fire.

Stop sending your children to these government run schools.

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Georgy Lvov
Georgy Lvov 5 months ago

Fantastic. Reiner gives me hope, and that's what we need, not fear.

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Bagpuss70 5 months ago

This is the third time I have heard the hospitals weren't busy. i heard a nurse in Northern Ireland and one in Australia saying the same.

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DAVID HENRY2 5 months ago

I'm in Northern Ireland,any time i was in a hospital here i saw workers walking around aimlessly on their mobiles and standing about.

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Frithersmist 5 months ago

My ex IC U nurse friend has turned into a Nazi nurse and telling real porkies! She said that she is really stressed trying to save unvaccinated patients and they all end up in body bags!!!! WTF! That's at Victoria hospital across the forth and Ninewells.

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Wayne Allyn Root Ramps Up the Fight Against The Fascist Left in America
18 May 2022
Wayne Allyn Root Ramps Up the Fight Against The Fascist Left in America
TheAlexJonesChannel 31 Views