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NO_FACE_MASKS 14 Oct 2021
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GMP chase car through Bolton(360P)
23 Oct 2021
GMP chase car through Bolton(360P)
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Ripping off Brits with excessive Car Park charges


Just another day in ROB - (Rip Off Britain). Getting worse and worse by the day now.

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SharonUir43 6 days ago

Hаve you еveг tгied cybеrsех?
Lеt’s givе еach other рleаsuгe tonight!

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If you fix wheels on the ouside of your house you can then avoid paying any council tax on your home.

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BILLT76 8 days ago

⁣History clearly reveals that the British government is the
bond slave of the "invisible and inaudible" force centered in the
City. The City calls the tune. The "visible and audible leaders"
are mere puppets who dance to that tune on command. They
have no power. They have no authority. In spite of all the
outward show they are mere pawns in the game being played by
the financial elite.
From the time of William the Conqueror until the middle of
the seventeenth century the British Monarchs ruled supreme—
their word was law. They truly were Sovereign in every sense of
the word.
As British strength and influence grew around the world
toward the end of the 1600's the wealth, strength and influence
of the elite merchants in the City also grew—only at a faster
pace. In 1694 the privately owned Bank of England (a central
bank) was established to finance the profligate ways of William III.
The bank was financed by a group of City merchants who used
William Paterson as a 'front.' The names of the founders have
never been made public.

It was at that juncture that the Bank of England and the
City began to dominate and control the affairs of Britain. Their
influence and wealth grew in leaps and bounds in the century
that followed. The Illustrated Universal History, 1878, records
that "Great Britain emerged from her long contest with France
with increased power and national glory. Her empire was greatly
expanded in all parts of the world; her supremacy on the sea was
undisputed; her wealth and commerce were increased . . . But
with all this national prosperity, the lower classes of the English
people were sunk in extreme wretchedness and poverty." The
elite controlled everything. The masses lived in poverty, having
been bled dry during the struggle of the previous twenty years.
It was at this juncture (1815) that the House of Rothschild
seized control of the British economy, the Bank of England and
the City—and , through their other branches, control of the
other European nations.
Prior to this period Britain had developed colonies and outposts in the far-flung reaches of the globe. Having been thrown
out of the Western Hemisphere, Britain now concentrated on
acquiring and developing additional possessions elsewhere.
During its heyday in the nineteenth century approximately
90% of all international trade was carried in British ships. Other
shippers had to pay the Crown royalties or commissions for the
'privilege' of doing business on the high seas. During these years
"Britannia Ruled the Waves" through the domination of the most
modern and powerful navy known up to that time.

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RuthXap37 8 days ago

Have yоu еveг tried cуbеrsех?
Let’s give eаch otheг pleаsure tonight!

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ItistimeNow 9 days ago

there is nothing in the UK that is not a rip off we invented ripping off and are striving to perfect it

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GMP chase car through Bolton(360P)
23 Oct 2021
GMP chase car through Bolton(360P)
nigel2 · 1 Views