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Ronald Yandell
Ronald Yandell 16 Oct 2020
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05 May 2021
Dr Scott Jensen | Free Consultation - Fatigue
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Ronald Dean Yandell shares his opinion of Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones


⁣⁣THE ARTICLE BELOW-Described in video. (came out a month before the Fed Fraud Indictment of retaliation.) Ronald Yandell has not been charged with any murders despite the false news reports paid for by CDCR to distract the public from the true crimes & murders committed by IGI /Folsom prison & Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones. Its time to lock up the real criminals in the SHU.

ARTICLE that started it all....⁣

Example of a IGI CURRENT crime ⁣

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Why did this county sheriff attack the local newspaper? Because he fears the truth

Sacramento County’s use of solitary confinement in its jail is facing scrutiny from inmate advocates.
A lawsuit claims the practice unfairly punishes people experiencing mental health crises.

Sheriff Scott Jones fought the law and the law hasn’t won yet. Will a judge make him comply? BY MARCOS BRETÓN
CBS Sacramento

CBS Sacramento
Sheriff Scott Jones Defends Authority In Blocking Inspector General From Investigating Crimes

Sacramento County sheriff on violent protests: There's an element of organization we haven't seen before-FOX News Videos3 June 2020

California’s mini-Trump: Why Scott Jones is the worst Sacramento sheriff in a generation BY MARCOS BRETÓN

California has one of the most expensive prison systems in the world, here’s the breakdown
California prison employing 1,100 to close in 2021 — and Newsom wants to shut another BY ANDREW SHEELER

The Prison Commissary: What Can You Buy In Prison? Zoukis Consulting Group.

Sacramento County Jail has 1,420 interviews from ex-inmates.

Claim filed 13 years ago accuses Sac. Co. sheriff of sexual harassment KCRA News

Documents show Northern California deputies abused inmates, kept jobs-By ASSOCIATED PRESS


What happened to her mom in jail? SACRAMENTO NEWS & REVIEW

California’s criminal police officers include 20 convicted of murder- By DAVID DEBOLT | | Bay Area News Group



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Dr Scott Jensen | Free Consultation - Fatigue
05 May 2021
Dr Scott Jensen | Free Consultation - Fatigue
Kristall · 199 Views