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11 K Views - Published on 14 Apr, 2023
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⁣⁣▶Suing The Metropolitan Police: Shikesh Sorathia @shikeshsorathia ⁣▶Outspoken and Honest Surgeon Dr. Ahmad Malik pulling no punches on NHS, real health, the teachings of Med School, the silence and complicity of medics during Covid and so much more! ⁣@DocAhmadMalik ⁣⁣▶Therapist Lucinda: Dalai Lama and that 'tongue kiss' - the all-embracing power of famous people & the way it can leave children vulnerable ⁣▶Truth about the Spice Girls (I named them!) ⁣▶Viewer Analysis: Guns & Roses PLUS Madeleine McCann Protest...Cash Friday - use it or lose it!...Excess Deaths...Dating for 'the unjabbed' ⁣https://unjabbed.net...Vandalising ULEZ cameras...Plus our wonderful Rise Live Chatters!
Sonia Poulton

Sonia Poulton

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 Francs Avatar
Francs - 1 month ago
I’m that pregnant guy! Thanks Dr I’m gonna go for it and sort my life out!

 Amerstine Avatar
Amerstine - 1 month ago
Thanks Sonia great podcast/guests!