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BitsandBobs 11 Jun 2021
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05.25.2017 - Susan Lindauer
23 Jun 2021
05.25.2017 - Susan Lindauer
Shadow Citizen · 10 Views

SAGE Scientist Susan Michie Is Dangerous.


⁣Mahyar Tousi on Susan Michie who is a behavioral Scientist and is calling for face masks and social distancing to be permanant. 10.05.21
Article here: ⁣

Credit to: Mahyar Tousi⁣

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JumpinJeff 12 days ago

Hypocrat, not wearing a mask. Suspend her license to practice, tell her to put the pipe down.

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Climatechangeisahoax 12 days ago

cunt if you ask me

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Meta4 12 days ago

It's precisely against braindead dogs like this that I went into Uni after having educated myself outside of the system to go in and challenge and if necessary annihilate facile arguments and the singularly dull capacity to create and imagine solutions....truth to tell formal education is largely, b...ll..cks, you are either creative, a thorough analyst or not, that is why every child should get access to real knowledge, experiment, and be on a life long path of asking questions.

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humphrey 12 days ago

Stupid bitch

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burns 12 days ago

Anyone noticed all these UK CORPORATION Government sage scientist or so-called experts, none of them have a science degree in viruses or diseases and yet they continue to tell every one what they need to do via respounding to this '' PCR Test Planned Pandemic''. As simple noting and applying good old common sence the False data that is produced via the PCR test provides enough evidence to understand ''No PCR Test No Pland Pandemic Period.'' Wake up before you are stupid enough to take one of these mRNA killer poison substance jabs and be for the next round of the wild corona flu / Crown flu comes around this winter, note if you have had the killer poison jab there is a very high % when you catch the wild corona flu, you will not do too well.

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05.25.2017 - Susan Lindauer
23 Jun 2021
05.25.2017 - Susan Lindauer
Shadow Citizen · 10 Views