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Kristall 09 May 2021
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Riccardo Bosi, leader of Australia One, gives a warning to Australians
17 Sep 2021
Riccardo Bosi, leader of Australia One, gives a warning to Australians
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Salk Institute Warning | Robin Monotti Graziadei


⁣An explosive new study by researchers at the prestigious Salk Institute casts doubt on the current crop of gene-based shots, deceptively called vaccines to greenlight their use, that may pose a grave risk to public health. The article, which is titled “The novel coronavirus’ spike protein plays an additional key role in illness”, shows that SARS-CoV-2’s “distinctive ‘spike’ protein”..” damages cells, confirming COVID-19 as a primarily vascular disease.”

Salk Article Link:

⁣Salk Institute Warning About COVID JAB Spike Protein Dangers

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SSS555 4 months ago

the conclusion of the study is contrary to what you say. ..

⁣This conclusion suggests that vaccination-generated antibody and/or exogenous antibody against S protein not only protects the host from SARS-CoV-2 infectivity but also inhibits S protein-imposed endothelial injury.

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TheGreatReset 4 months ago

everyone, please share this video wide and far. This is the most important thing we need everyone to know. Avoid the vaccinated and look into fennel seed or pine tree (Shikimic Acid will block the spike protein) tea. Also look into ionic silver and hydroxychloroquine which also disable the spike protein. The Spike Protein is the bio-weapon. Avoid the jab and avoid those who have been jabbed. This video is extremely important!! ⁣

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4 months ago

⁣⁣As a vaccine refusenik, I have come to understand that I am radically different from many of the people I live among. People who take the vaccine without doing any research are very trusting and naive and frankly, this saddens me. They seem to take for granted that they live in a society with professionals in various organizations who always have their best interests at heart. While very few people have actual malice towards their fellows, it is still advisable to question new untested medical procedures as well as to use one's own common sense as to whether or not one is living in the midst of a pandemic. You can start by asking yourself a few simple questions in the way that Dr Andy Kaufmann suggested. Do I know many people locally who have died unexpectedly as a result of catching this novel coronavirus? Have funeral directors been extra busy of late? Is there any pressure on graveyards? Can I be absolutely certain that the number of Covid deaths reported in hospitals and care-homes were actually due to Covid19? Are the tests for Covid19 adequate and without controversy? Am I really at any risk from the Covid19 virus? Is this in my own estimation or am I simply reacting to what I hear on the BBC or similar news outlets? Am I taking my cue from my peers who haven't thought much about any of this? Is there any urgency for me to take an experimental vaccine for a disease which is reported to have a 98% survival rate? Why would that be the case? And why are the media constantly telling me that I should?

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APHRODITE777 4 months ago

An obvious deliberate 'mistake' 'bioweapon' inject as many people as possible in the most efficient fastest way for maximum profit.Now Rockerfeller medicine has cleverly created a vast generation of new 'patients' casualties for at least the next 5-10 years guaranteed.Revenue without liability including testing of new drugs on the market making people invalid for remainder of their days.GENOCIDE with governments msm complicit.And sterilisation?

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Riccardo Bosi, leader of Australia One, gives a warning to Australians
17 Sep 2021
Riccardo Bosi, leader of Australia One, gives a warning to Australians
0101001001000100 · 3 Views