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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 22 Jul 2021
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Hannah Marie injured by Covid-19 Vaccine in New York City!
01 Aug 2021
Hannah Marie injured by Covid-19 Vaccine in New York City!
1LiveTruthDaily · 2 Views

⁣Senator Claims 84% of Those With Covid Were Vaccinated


⁣Senator Claims 84% of Those With Covid Were Vaccinated

⁣The American Journal w/ Harrison Smith (Full Show) - Commercial Free - 7-22-21

They're pushing the mRNA "vaccine" for another reason. Deadly side effects from a "vaccine" for a virus with an extremely high survival rate

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romanticdance 10 days ago

⁣The vaccines also contain a removal of the cancer marker. Cancer could be hiding undetected. Next to it, it contains a artificial cell substance that could multiply unlimited (apoptose) which is the definition of a cancerous cell.

The death correlates exactly with the amount of vaccines, proving that Covid is indeed a massive killer. 50.000 died in a couple of days. Graphene which was never mentioned before in "vaccines" is causing bloodcloths. It has more nefast results. It could enter you lung tissue, causing "Covid" like symptoms. It could enter the brain with fatal results. It could cause neurological disorders. It could entangle bloodcells and tissue and destroy these. It's also a web building antenna grid for radiation damage by 5G. It's as fine as microscopic fishing net. But it will without doubt block and filter many other particels and molecules vital for our welfare. It's the enemy within and you cannot get rid of it. Graphene has a hexagonal shape which is Saturn and 666. Bloody Gates will love it satanist as he is, the devil with the deadly syringes at all of his sticky fingers. ⁣

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williamtbush 10 days ago

As with the SARS testing using the MRNA technique, the antibody produced coated the virus and hid them from the body until unchecked multiplication led to septisemia and cardiac arrest. ALL test subjects died in the 12 year study. Apparently the covid 19 vax is part one of a two part bio weapon the second part being the virus itself. The other possibility is that the people involved in perpetrating this fiasco are too stupid to notice.

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GrahamWelsh 10 days ago

Funny how the TERRORISTS are now AMERICANS.
The terror the USA visited on the countries of the world is now in AMERICA.

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Stellatender 10 days ago

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Hannah Marie injured by Covid-19 Vaccine in New York City!
01 Aug 2021
Hannah Marie injured by Covid-19 Vaccine in New York City!
1LiveTruthDaily · 2 Views