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Rex_Colt 12 Apr 2021
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COVID-19 vaccine - What The COVID Vaccine Does To Your Body
18 May 2021
COVID-19 vaccine - What The COVID Vaccine Does To Your Body
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SGT Report: Vaccine Injuries, More Medical Professionals Speak Out, The Awakening


Credit to SGT Report
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hopeandglory 1 month ago

⁣T⁣⁣he Govenrment will be looking to roll out this leithal
injection on the children next - please, please help me to share
this petition - urgently

How will we all feel when kids also start dying and having adverse
reactions ???? - please help, I cant do this alone we need to get
the petition numbers up !!!!; ⁣⁣⁣

SaveThe Kids!!! sign and share; ⁣Ban vax indemnified from liability

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CliveScott 1 month ago

I know a guy in the pound shop near me, in his sixties, I did my best to stop him getting the Gene therapy, he thought what I had to say was fake news. Now he is in a coma with blood clots on his brain and will die. He was perfecly fit. I am now making sure everyone knows.

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Ray Moore
Ray Moore 1 month ago


I'm not going to say
too much of how this information got to me, not that it's a secret
but what I was told one-on-one IS A SECRET. The info I got is
multi-faceted and be gone into some other time as time is of the
essence and it's ALL TRUE. I spoke over about 4 years with this man
sometimes 10 or 15 times a day every day. He will not be too pleased
about me writing this down but as he's now 82 and even might no
longer be alive cos this info is the sort of info that gets you
Suspend any beliefs
you've ever had I had to but then the fact we have all been lied to
all our lives for at least 3000 years, when I asked what have we been
lied to about the answer was EVERTHING, I'll have to give a bit of a
preamble but it will be as short as necessary.

When the body is in
the womb it's just a clump of growing and interactive cells it goes
on growing until the pineal gland is fully formed, this gland is in
the middle of your head in the brain and is often described in many
religious beliefs as the third eye, it rather resembles a pine cone
like the giant pine cone in the grounds of the Vatican ( they know
all this but keep it from you) Whilst this is going on you as a soul
is floating who know where waiting to take a body so as to experience
LIFE, when the Pineal reaches readiness it sends out an electrical
signal (I'm simplifying a lot here) and this is picked up by the soul
and if the soul meets a compatible signal that soul is allowed to
take over the body (this is also why people who really feel they are
the wrong sex have been caught in a mix-up at this stage). It's more
commonly called reincarnation.
To the vaccine
“experts” will say a vaccine categorically CANNOT ALTER DNA, and
they will be telling the truth, but these jabs ARE NOT VACCINES and
they use something called TRANSFECTION. The term vaccine just allows
them to use “special laws” to force and coerce people to take the
jabs, So some people are dying and being maimed right now and
generally covered up by the MSM and all these vaccines are not
effective so you need more and more till eventually it becomes the
norm to have these jabs forever more cos they intend “to leave
no-one behind” as in the eventual changes to DNA will disrupt or
totally cancel out that interaction between the Pineal Gland and the
soul and one day very soon they won't have to poison the food, the
water, chemtrail, pharmaceuticals etc. etc. cos souls WILL BE STOPPED
the ages (freemasonry) The great Architect and there is one and it
has a name. The humans helping all this are following orders from a
very alien source. Just one thing I have had a few groups/frontmen
say they wouldn't do this, no chance it would RUIN THE ECONOMY!! It
is not about money they own all the money, it's not land, or tech, or
buildings it's about totally OWNING EVRYTHING ON THE PLANET DOWN TO
THE LAST BLADE OF GRASS ( metaphorically) without the human race, to
me that's a fate worse than death,

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WtfaMErika 1 month ago


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WtfaMErika 1 month ago

idiot aMErika Bush and family are Nazis you stupid f***

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COVID-19 vaccine - What The COVID Vaccine Does To Your Body
18 May 2021
COVID-19 vaccine - What The COVID Vaccine Does To Your Body
NHS111 · 0 Views