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Ronald Yandell
Ronald Yandell 03 Nov 2020
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Truth Over Fear Summit - May 7-9 - STOP NWO Agenda of Creating Second Class Citizens!
05 May 2021
Truth Over Fear Summit - May 7-9 - STOP NWO Agenda of Creating Second Class Citizens!
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Sheriff raids Aryan Brotherhood members’ jail cells over tampered locks, feds say .#Ronald Yandell


Feds secure two indictments in investigation probing alleged drug trafficking by California prison gangs

What happens next? CDCR/CCPOA/IGI Green Wall guard gang members , will try to retaliate & try to get revenge . Expect new "charges", & new articles by Mercury news on the subject as well. These are highly dangerous individuals. Because they control CA there isn't a single legal entity in CA who can help us . Most attorney fear they will never work in CA agin if they do. So social media is our only resource left, at this time.

The mafia didn't just disappear from Las Vegas, they relocated to CA & went into the lucrative business of "Human Trafficking and Prison Labor. Most people assume that the Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution wholly abolished legal slavery in the United States in any form. The reality, however, is that the Thirteenth Amendment contained one important exception: Prison labor"

⁣HERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF THE CORRUPTION @ New Folsom Green Wall Gang created the fake indictment against Ronnie Yandell .​
Exclusive: Correctional officer’s death exposes hazing, toxic culture at California prison

"Rodriguez Jr. was 30, and had been a correctional officer at a state prison in Folsom. Nine months earlier he had gone out on leave for stress, telling his wife he could no longer tolerate the harassment and threats from other officers.

Official Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation investigation. The prison, one of the state’s most dangerous, is already under federal scrutiny after an officer allegedly tripped an inmate whose hands were cuffed behind his back in 2016 and, along with another officer, covered up details when the inmate died.

A state lawmaker called out a “culture of intolerance & criminality” among correctional officers after the charges were filed, requesting a broad investigation. The prison’s culture broke Rodriguez Jr., said members of his family.

The prison known as New Folsom. “My son was hazed to death,” said Rodriguez Jr.’s father,
Officers repeatedly called Rodriguez Jr. a gay slur, made fun of his weight and taunted him, saying that his wife was cheating on him with Black men, according to text exchanges on his phone.

Rodriguez Jr. said in texts that the harassment came even as he worked harder than his coworkers and performed his work well. Rodriguez Jr. watched other officers injure an inmate while restraining the inmate not long after he started at the prison and had to describe the events in a written report, said his wife.

In August 2019, he shared a photo of a large buck his friend had harvested from a Rodriguez family property hours earlier.

He wrote, “Who likes venison steaks and jerky?”

Officer Daniel Garland responded: “You f--!!! Send a picture of your girls ass!!!”

In another exchange with the group, Rodriguez Jr. shared a photo of a margarita. The officers joked that its contents were semen.

Rodriguez Jr. detailed the treatment that ultimately drove him to take leave on workers’ compensation in a Sept. 19, 2020, text to Internal Affairs Sgt. Brandon Strohmaier, who was part of the unit.

He told Strohmaier that one of the officers called Black inmates monkeys and the n-word, and he said the officer used the word in taunts about Rodriguez Jr.’s wife cheating on him.

⁣Aryan Brotherhood tried to 'build an army' in California, feds say
⁣Aryan Brotherhood member plotted to murder Northern
⁣15 Facts About The Aryan Brotherhood
⁣Man with Aryan Brotherhood ties pleads guilty in drug case
⁣Feds secure two indictments in investigation probing alleged .

The article that started it all


More about Ronnie Yandell

⁣ Email Ronald Yandell below (he can't email back) snail mail only.

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Truth Over Fear Summit - May 7-9 - STOP NWO Agenda of Creating Second Class Citizens!
05 May 2021
Truth Over Fear Summit - May 7-9 - STOP NWO Agenda of Creating Second Class Citizens!
Rogersings NWO News! · 363 Views