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Life_In_The_Labyrinth 27 Apr 2021
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⁣Infant with Uncontrollable Intermittent 'Jitters'| Vaxx Adverse Reaction
16 Sep 2021
⁣Infant with Uncontrollable Intermittent 'Jitters'| Vaxx Adverse Reaction
Kristall · 221 Views

Shocking Adverse Reactions From The Lethal Injection!


Mirrored From Amandha Vollmer, ⁣

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yestotruth 5 months ago

The question I ask is why do these people sacrifice themselves in the name of SCIENCE?

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Thom Waters
Thom Waters 5 months ago

we are in denial about whats going on. people dont want to admit that these government experts with the help of the media would do something so awful... this is fascism

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hopeandglory 5 months ago

Dear Friends

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hopeandglory 5 months ago

WE ⁣NEED YOUR HELP TO GET THE NUMBERS UP!!! ⁣sign & ⁣share below petitions on your social media Stop this lethal ⁣injection⁣!!!⁣ no masks on kids in schools

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5 months ago

⁣⁣Vaccination bioweapon genocide against persons of color documented: Alfred Lambremont Webre

Everyone on the world stage, your televisions & all screens is a satanic ACTOR always acting.

Toxemia - The One True Disease

⁣Unethical human experimentation in the United States

⁣Eugenics in the United States

⁣The US has a history of testing biological weapons on the public – were infected ticks used too?

⁣Army Conducted 239 Secret, Open-Air Germ Warfare Tests

⁣How the U.S. Government Exposed Thousands of Americans to Lethal Bacteria to Test Biological Warfare

⁣A History Timeline of Population Control

⁣Top 10 US Government Experiments Done On Its Own Citizens

⁣Biological Warfare Experiment on American Citizens Results in Spreading Pandemic

⁣The 13 Most Evil US Government Human Experiments

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betjar1 5 months ago

CORONA is a hoax. There
is no such thing as an asymptomatic pandemic. When someone is sick,
it is not asymptomatic meaning without symptoms. A person with
symptoms, the temperature will normally increase or generally feel
unwell. A Pandemic has sick people dying in the streets. Dead bodies
coming out of the houses as what happened during the black plague.
The black plague was caused by no access to clean water.

CORONA PCR tests only
detect genetic material. It does not test for a virus. Wearing masks
cause Pontiac fever. It's a legionella bacteria. Years ago people
were getting legionnaires disease. It was caused by stagnant water
through the air conditioning in offices in London. When the air
conditioning was not cleaned regularly which is the same legionella
bacteria that causes Pontiac fever. If you get legionella bacteria in
your body, dilute one tablespoon of borax in a bottle of hot water.
Borax was used for people who had fungus inside their body because of
their living environment. Take one teaspoon a day in the morning for
3 days. It's a natural remedy and it tastes like soap. People
diagnosed with Legionnaires disease is Pontiac fever because of
mask-wearing all day.

The CORONA vaccine is not
a vaccine. It is a mRNA nanodevice. HIV is a mRNA virus and causes
autoimmune disease. On observation of patients who had AIDS, tended
to vomit every day. Hence, why AIDS patients lost weight. All mRNA
viruses cause autoimmune disease. Will attack different parts of the
body or the immune system. The mRNA virus was originally developed to
kill people as a biological weapon. The effects of the injection may
take a couple of years to surface or may happen instantly.

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⁣Infant with Uncontrollable Intermittent 'Jitters'| Vaxx Adverse Reaction
16 Sep 2021
⁣Infant with Uncontrollable Intermittent 'Jitters'| Vaxx Adverse Reaction
Kristall · 221 Views