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GeeGeeTee 21 Apr 2021
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New York Officially Launches Orwellian COVID-19 Vaccine Passports Developed In China
18 May 2021
New York Officially Launches Orwellian COVID-19 Vaccine Passports Developed In China
thedeadgene · 61 Views

Smashing the “1 in 3 people with Covid-19 have no symptoms” claim


⁣Over the period Dec 2020 - Feb 2021, the UK government, and its scientific advisers, made the persistent and widely publicised claim that "1 in 3 people with the SARS-Cov-2 virus have no symptoms”. We use a contemporaneous study of asymptomatics at Cambridge University to show that the claim is contradicted by the government’s own case numbers over that same period. We show: if the “1 in 3” claim is correct then, over this period, the actual infection rate must be at least 11 times higher than the infection rate reported by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 0.71% ; and, secondly, if the reported infection rate of 0.71% is correct then the actual number of people with the virus, who have no symptoms, is at most 2.9% (1 in 34) and not 1 in 3. We argue that this contradiction can only be explained by the false positives being generated by RT-PCR testing. Hence, the published infection rate is estimating the number of people who test positive rather than the number of people with SARS-Cov-2 virus. When the false positive rate is correctly accounted for, the most likely explanation for the observed data, over the period in question, is an infection rate of approximately 0.375% rather than the ONS publicised claim of 0.71%. Likewise, we conclude that the actual number of people with the SARS-Cov-2 virus who have no symptoms is approximately 1 in 19 and not 1 in 3.
Full paper is here:

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deek the pict
deek the pict 27 days ago

the virus does exist ,nobody can provide proof its been isolated

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NorthernWarrior 27 days ago

theres NO SUCH THING as asymptomatic. its horse shit. the body only mounts an immune response ie symptoms such as elevated trmperature coughing etc when it is has a toxic load of virus overwhelming it. if there are no symptoms.... you are not a carrier, you are not infectious, you are HEALTHY.

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webster 27 days ago

i disagree, i think the damge is already present for the virus (RNA=proteins) to "emerge" from the cell as either fragmented waste , exosomes or somatids ( see pleomorphism).. alopathy blaming the bodies response and not the cause is prevelant today.

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kurt44mg42 27 days ago

⁣Notwithstanding the false positive rate, once it is established that PCR is not a substitute for proper clinical diagnosis and was never designed as a diagnostic test for so-called contagious diseases as the inventor himself, Kary B Mullis, repeatedly pointed out, then any government claims about asymptomatic transmission or any statistical analyses based on COVID-19 positive test results are intentionally misleading at best or complete falsehoods at worst.

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HyperDope 27 days ago

It has never been correctly proved that there is a ' virus'. There is definitely no pandemic apart from the pandemic of liars in government and media !

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romanticdance 27 days ago

Covid is nothing but the common Flu.
Of the estimated 100.000 Covid cases only 4% were officillay confirmed.
However even that was incorrect since there is no legal test.
The fake test has a failure rate of 98% so any statistic based in that test is entirely useless.
They know it, but keep using the rubbish, to induce fear and grab totall global controll.
Covid is a smokescreen a distraction. They silently install the tyrrannic Nazi World Order.
The deathrate of Covid aka Flu is only some 0.003%.
The overall deathrate did not increase with Covid and even lowered compared to the last 10 years.
Covid is a scam, bollocks. There never was a pandemic and the World "Hate" Organisation, changed it's definitions short before the "outbreak" of Covid, to cry out a crisis. The leader of the Weird Hoax Organisation is a (previous) terrorist and criminal.

If you have been infected with the Flu, the Cold or any other similar disease, the fake test will show a "Postive", "New case".
Alarmlights on. You have to be "treated", isolated or killed by ventilators and Vax shots.
However, anyone who overcome a virus, will carry it's marks. It's a sign of succesfully beaten virus and of immunity.
So why the hell should they be vaxxed? They already have anti bodies. They don't need artificial experimental crap, with the risk that go with it as "Moderate side effects", like instant death, or other medical serious even irriversable consequences.
But no one is to blame for the misery they create. Big Pharma is above the law. The untouchables. Mobsters rule the world.
Why the hell would we vax healthy people or kids? There is a highly suspicious agenda carried out under the scum of Covid.

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New York Officially Launches Orwellian COVID-19 Vaccine Passports Developed In China
18 May 2021
New York Officially Launches Orwellian COVID-19 Vaccine Passports Developed In China
thedeadgene · 61 Views