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Dare To Fly 12 Jan 2021
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REPOST 5-16-20 Health Experts They Are The Best LOSERS Covid-19 Lockdowns Quarantines Masks Vaccines
16 May 2022
REPOST 5-16-20 Health Experts They Are The Best LOSERS Covid-19 Lockdowns Quarantines Masks Vaccines
Alltheworldsastage David · 8 Views

South Korea Vaccines Allegedly Linked To 83 Deaths (REUPLOAD)


⁣South Korea has reported that up to 83 people have died after receiving a flu vaccination as part of the country's mass immunisation program. As a result, there has been a large decrease in the population going to get a flu shot due to anxiety surrounding the deaths.

The authorities have stated that there is nothing to worry about and are continuing their flu vaccine program, encouraging more people to line up and get the jab. This follows the mainstream media's efforts to cover up the story and act like nothing has happened and everything is fine.

But how much damage has this vaccine caused?

Fly High, Fear Less.



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Faithybabes747 1 year ago

I would never have a flu jab and will never take the covid vaccine. They are both full of poisons and the vaccine alters one's DNA as well as instructing your own body to attack itself via its auto immune system. The Elite - who own the world's media - have put a moratorium on reporting these issues so that the governments of the world can keep on lying to mankind. Their agenda is to kill off the weak, elderly, frail and those with existing medical conditions and to also alter people's DNA. Every couple of months governments will try to scare the population by saying that covid has mutated and will miraculously bring out another covid vaccine. The more vaccines you take, the weaker your immune system will become. They are trying to control the world by fear. All these rules that are being imposed on us have no basis in law and violate our human rights. People should be standing up to this BS. I've noticed that in the death figures for the U.K. not one person has died of seasonal flu. Most winters the U.K. averages 20,000 deaths from seasonal flu. We are being lied to big time yet still most people are asleep. I've seen the videos of people convulsing 15 minutes after taking the vaccine and read about all the deaths of previously healthy people, including doctors. This is a total scam and a PLANDEMIC and I pray people wake up before it's too late. Thank you for reporting the state of affairs in South Korea. I personally would not trust any vaccine whatsoever. GBU.

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1 year ago

⁣Making people sick and killing them keeps us safe. "Us being the userious Zionists, Freemasons, Politicans and Davos billionairs : ) Mass casualties soon from the Vax, if you take medications stock up now, the vaccineated will be dropping like flies.

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strawcross67 1 year ago

Anyone who wears a face diaper all the time not only isn't going to fend off anything but is inviting a nasty case of bacterial pneumonia,. Where do people get the idea that face diapers protect them? Boris Johnson? Jesus Christ, wake the **** up!

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Albie07 1 year ago

"Trust me, I'm from the government and I'm here to help you." LMAO.

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ODstane 1 year ago

⁣The coronavirus scamdemic's ultimate goal is the inoculation of all, except the chosen few, to alter their DNA and RNA in achieving this mixed race agenda forming a two race society of a Mixed Race governed by a Master Race? The Kalergi Plan. In nine months, when you know what hits the fan, birth abnormalities will be experienced on a scale as never before. The white population will be targeted with one of the four medicinal inoculated remedies while other parts of the world will be targeted with others ? In the meantime the MSM machine will do its utmost to bury the effect of these medicinal intrusions as it so successfully hid the true death figures from the fictitious malaise and attributing most other deaths with it. They will continue with lockdown and air travel in order to limit disclosure of the harmful effects from different nations until the enormity of birth anomalies hits the MSM when all hell will break loose. A revelation that people of the third colour of the rainbow were found to be complicit in financially supporting this medicinal atrocity, through back door foundations, and, to also interfere with electoral outcomes to boot, will result in the duped rest of the world population demanding retribution against this vile race in an attempt to exterminate or modify their existence but, as before, it is not the people of this race who wish to do so but their leaders in not only attempting the depopulating of others but also of their own. Therefore, to all of you who wish to participate in WW3, realise that you have all been conned into enacting this race altering and depopulating plan (Use peasants to eradicate peasants).

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REPOST 5-16-20 Health Experts They Are The Best LOSERS Covid-19 Lockdowns Quarantines Masks Vaccines
16 May 2022
REPOST 5-16-20 Health Experts They Are The Best LOSERS Covid-19 Lockdowns Quarantines Masks Vaccines
Alltheworldsastage David · 8 Views