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ashleylaw 30 Aug 2020
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1892 Flat Earth Map Found In Boston Library - Falkland Islands The Gateway To Antarctica
20 Oct 2020
1892 Flat Earth Map Found In Boston Library - Falkland Islands The Gateway To Antarctica
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Space is Fake! - Flat Earth Man Exposes Space Fraud!


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A fantastic, funny and eye opening expos茅 music video about the fact that space is fake!

Here are the lyrics:

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the greatest show on earth. Prepare to be amazed.
Please welcome your host for this evening.
Mr flat earth man

Thank you, thank you, listen up..

The whole worlds a stage and you're the audience
And everything you see on the stage is fraudulent
Nothing you see before you is fact
Are you ready for the headline act
This act is truly one of a kind
They'll dazzle you and play tricks on your mind
An illusionist with billions of fans
Please welcome NASA put together your hands

Good evening ladies and gentlemen
It's so lovely to see you again
Tonight we have a very special show
There's a few things we want you to know
Tonight we reveal some of our techniques
We'll expose NASA like wiki leaks
Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
We'll show you how we fool the world

And when we're done exposing our lies
None of you are gonna realise
Even though were gonna tell you straight
It will be too hard to contemplate
A trick so huge you won't believe
Impossible for you to conceive
That's why we tell coz you'll reject it
A lie so big you can't accept it


There's no such thing as outer space
We made it all up yeah space is fake
It's the greatest lie that's ever been told
The biggest trick you've ever been sold
We've been pushing this satanic lie
Space is a drug and everybody high
It's only your imagination that's been to space
Ladies and gentlemen space is fake!

See there's a solid barrier we can't get through
It's called the firmament between me and you
Go check Werner Von Brauns headstone
He knew about that firmament dome
He left you all a little nod and a wink
For those of you still able to think
Psalm 19:1 chapter and verse
The firmament showeth his handy work

That's why when our rockets leave the earth
They form a parabolic curve
We'll then switch over to an animation
Then it's over to your imagination
But I'm here to tell you that in reality
Our rockets end up in a graveyard in the sea
Our launch pads are on coastal regions
We build them there for a very good reason


Yeah rocket launches are occult rituals
There to brainwash the individuals
To make you think that space is real
And your money and your mind we can steal
It's so easy to program your mind
Coz you guys watch tv like all of the time
And we control what you see on your tv
Coz we're a branch of the military

We teamed up with those Disney guys
They help us propagate our lies
We make cartoons about space fantasies
And put em on tv for all the kids to see
We program you when you are really young
We make space travel so much fun
Then all the kids fall into our trap
And all grow up believing our crap!

(They're called programmes man!)


(and now it's over to our friends at fake x for a short message.
"you can tell it's real because it looks so fake, honestly"
Ha ha! Thanks Elon, what a genius!)

Yeah we go to Devon island with our robot cars
And we convince you we got a rover on mars
And what about the incredible ISS
Is all of that fake... hell yes!
Haven't you seen our harness mistakes
How many screw ups is it gonna take
Haven't you noticed the bubbles in space
We film astronauts in pools for gods sakes

When are ya'll gonna take the red pill
And realise that none of this is real
Space travel is the biggest lie
And deceiving you makes us feel so satisfied
Our only mission is to brainwash you
You make it so easy for us to do
Because nobody questions the authenticity
Making you believe in space is so easy

Yeah we love to convince you in infinite space
We love to put you in an insignificant place
Hiding the creator is what we do
Beating the divinity right out of you
We don't want you to realise how special you are
We want you to think you came from a cosmic fart
We're secretly converting you to our religion
satanism scientism atheism


Ladies and gentlemen, that's the end of the show
Thank you so much for coming, what a lovely audience
Make sure you research some of the things you've seen tonight
But I know you wont, you'll just go home, watch the news and believe it all
Look what NASA did this week son, wow that's so amazing dad
you idiots, research bubbles in space, research NASA lies, research space is fake, for God's sake!
Goodnight everybody, you idiots, thank you goodnight

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jesuis 1 month ago

Flat Earth Movement: "Space is the greatest lie that's ever been told."
Covid-19: Hold my beer.

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jesuis 1 month ago

Catchy tune, some interesting connections but imo the recent resurgence in flat earth is itself a disinfo campaign ultimately designed to further divide us.

   1    0
ashleylaw 1 month ago

That is my point....Is it ...or is it something entirely different ? My avatar is impossible. Yet it is, the mainstream say totally real !

   0    0
jesuis 1 month ago

07:34 Why is A equivalent to 26? Did you run the alphabet backwards?

   0    0
ashleylaw 1 month ago

Nothing is as we were taught is education classes from birth to University. Nothing. Even the calendar we use on every computer on every paper based system - is not so. Once you learn a few of these you - if you have the time and the need to discover - each rock you turn over not so or not quite so. some are more subtle than others. take electricity as an example - it is nothing as taught in the text books. Oh and they use the Lunar calendar for every 'event'.

   0    0
1 month ago

Awww, man. Really?

   0    0
schizophrenia 2 months ago

Flat earth idiot's, this video is proof of that,

   0    2
boyinabubble 1 month ago

There are none more hopelessly enslaved than those that falsely believe they are free. Space is a hoax. You've been brainwashed. Check your ego at the door and wake up.

   3    0
Dragon1976 1 month ago

@boyinabubble: Your damn right,this guy in the vid is to create ridicule but it don't fool me

   0    0
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1892 Flat Earth Map Found In Boston Library - Falkland Islands The Gateway To Antarctica
20 Oct 2020
1892 Flat Earth Map Found In Boston Library - Falkland Islands The Gateway To Antarctica
Rex_Colt 1 Views