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VoicesNotViolence 24 Jan 2021
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All Matters of Faith and Practice
07 Mar 2021
All Matters of Faith and Practice
Stephen KJV1611 · 0 Views

Tedros Adhanom of WHO, the TPLF, cover of three Cholera epidemics and the Chinese Communist Party.


The man at the head of the World Health organisation, they call him Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.He is not a doctor, he and the World Health Organisation have close ties to the Chinese C0mmunist Party, he is a member of the TPLF, Tigray People's Liberation Front, he is alleged by the military chief of Ethiopia to be supporting them and procuring weapons for the TPLF, and the man who is leading the World Health Organisation in the fight against Covid-19 is alleged to have covered up three Cholera Epedimics.
All my work is non-monetary, I make the videos because I want to and for the right reasons. I claim creative commons and fair use of any of the public domain material I use in the video for artistic and information purposes. Please check my channel for more videos.Music credit : from 4:55 onwards Secession Studios

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Calea 1 month ago

Tedros is wanted for crimes against humanity because he helped several African dictators.
He has a very nasty background, and for a laugh look up the pics of him dancing in short shorts and frilly crop top at the Rainbow Room. You can see him in this video: Several poeple are mentioned, Redros starts at 1:03 but the whole video is great! ⁣

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Boadicea 1 month ago

I'll Return when the Video is Up....

⁣How Convenient

The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan is owned by Glaxo!

Who, by chance, owns Pfizer! (the one who produces the vaccine!)

Which, by chance, is managed by Black Rock finances.

Who, by chance, manages the finances of the Open FoundationCompany (SOROS FOUNDATION)!

Which, by chance, serves the French AXA!

Coincidentally, he, ( Klaus Schwab ) owns the German companyWinterthur.

Who, by chance, built the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan!

Accidentally bought by the German Allianz.

Which, incidentally, has Vanguard as a shareholder.

Which is a shareholder of Black Rock.

Which controls the central banks and manages about ONE THIRD ofthe global investment capital.

Which, incidentally, is a major shareholder of MICROSOFT Theproperty of BILL GATES.Who happens to be a shareholder of PFIZER (which sells the miracleVACCINE) and is currently the first sponsor of WHO !!!

If it is not clear enough why a bat came in and grabbed the SNAKEand the ENTIRE PLANET became infected, I can go on!

But please DO NOT MASSIVELY DISTRIBUTE this post.....

Because I'm just a "CONSPIRACY NUT JOB" spreading fakenews apparently!

-jimmy martin

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All Matters of Faith and Practice
07 Mar 2021
All Matters of Faith and Practice
Stephen KJV1611 · 0 Views