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Terral03 17 Nov 2020
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The Black Star Magnetically Induced Geological Pole Shift for Don (Moved from YouTube): 09.01.2020


The Black Star Magnetically Induced Geological Pole Shift
Written by Don and Terral
September 01, 2020
On Mon, Aug 31, 2020 at 9:23 AM Don wrote:Good morning, Terral:I have been reviewing a lot of your recent videos and have been unsuccessful finding the part in one where you discuss the pole shift. Could not locate in the drop box newsletters as well. Do you have a specific doc/video to refer me to on this? I am particularly interested in the duration of the temperature changes between day and night causing the firenadoes and the duration of this period following the shift. I believe you mentioned it has something to do with the depletion of the heliosphere and/or the magnetosphere changes. Thanks, Don

Terral’s reply (09.01.2020):

Hi Don:First, the leading hypothesis/explanation today is that the Black Star is the remnant remains of our Sun’s once much-larger binary twin that went supernova a long time ago. We are likely dealing with an unclassified-uncatalogued slowly rotating object akin to a Magnetar-type Neutron Star with the atomic-subatomic particles compressed together that behaves more like a black hole than any known celestial object. Microlensing (, or gravitational lensing effect) causes the light from background stars to bend around the Black Star gravity well allowing the Black Star to hide in plain sight making the object invisible to traditional ground-based observatory-class telescopes even using advanced infrared accessories.

The Black Star produces changes in the solar system on every Black Star orbit cycle that is projected to be around 3600 years by researchers. The Black Star is responsible for some of the earth changes on each orbit cycle, but some events vary depending on Earth position when the Black Star crosses Earth orbit path along the 1.6-million mile segment of space our planet travels on May 20th of each year, between the Sun and left side of the Libra Constellation (from northern hemisphere perspective). Extreme outside-air temperatures are already taking place around the world (Japan 130 degrees, Death Valley 130 degrees, UK cold records, Denver temperatures drop 45 degrees in 14 hours) and we should expect the trend to become more dramatic with nearing Black Star proximity. The firenado phenomenon takes place on the sun-side of our planet from the great temperature differentials between the day-and-nighttime sides of our planet, when the magnetosphere fluctuates from Black Star-Earth near proximity. ...

The optimum survival strategy is to prepare for the worst-case scenario while hoping for the best where preparing for extreme high-and-low outside-air temperatures, by being in an underground cavern environment where the air temperature is 58-to-60 degrees year around.

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