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The Covidians -  What happened to our friends and family?
16 Apr 2021
The Covidians - What happened to our friends and family?
AlistairSkinner · 1114 Views

The Chinese Are Buying Up Our Schools


The Chinese are buying up our Schools but the Companies In China Have Direct links to the chinese Communist parties

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Faz12 2 months ago

What planet does Mr Farge live on .
Remind us mr farge who owns the world's manufacturing.
Every country in the world is behaving in the same manner.
because they all belong to the same theatrical school.
information taught in schools is just an indoctrination method used to pre program the brain .
do not ever ask questions oustside of the narrated box .
why do you think the have the ability to continue this charade
This are just a few of the topics which are interlinked conduits .
I would have more faith in a Rattlesnake than a politician.
We might even see Mr Farge as PM .

I love the way China gets blamed for everything .
Chinese people are honourable .
If multiple billions pound companies have chosen to move their manufacturing to China thats not the fault of the Chinese people.
it all come down to profit's thats all this large corporations care about.
Maybe Farge will explain to everyone about the opium wars and the Empire .
This idiots should be quiet and understand the Empires barbaric history .
He is an instigator praying on peoples morals.
I thought he was an honest man .
He wants to break away from Europe in terms of Human Rights preaching about immigrants.
Be very careful if this happened that would apply to all peoples of the UK also
Which are currently inactive and are not been respected by Governments .
Every living person has rights and no government or persons has the authority to stand over you .
with whats happening does anybody recall signing any contracts or voting or giving approval .No the state in which people vote in are just corporation criminals
creating legislation to fund and control their system.
Even when a law is passed the people dont get a vote thats all done in house .
Thos works perfectly especially if you desire to place restrictions by the very same people who are funded and are recipient of some form of payment this might be shares a role in a pharmaceutical company a more lucrative position.
This circular motion of elitists control has and will continue until the globist decide individual government are not relevant and we will have a World Government.
They are already owned financially .
They call themselves Horbable.

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goosegatherer 2 months ago

The chinese buy up of British schools is a wonderful idea. It will mean that finally the British children will get to avoid the crappy outdated boring corriculum and the failed teachers who keep these failing schools open to turn out even more children who lack motivation, lack intelligence , and the desire to be successful at every opportunity. When the horse can't run you call the vet, it's that simple. What is there to lose...I'm certain that the chinese can turn out equally lazy, unmotivated children who also have oral skills that will leave you all wetting yourself , and just as good as any Brit school does already...Preeze kum in ana taka seat cookie boy.

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Onit884 2 months ago

no. govt are SELLING them.

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AngelHart 2 months ago

I would never trust a word from this slithering parasite. He's always in bed with the most corrupt vile people like himself. Corrupt people throw out some truths sometimes for an agenda, he will definitely have one. He only cares about his own gain.

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C299H476N90O87S10 2 months ago

Never trust politicians, even if they are telling the truth. The only thing they deserve is a rope to hang on to.

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The Covidians -  What happened to our friends and family?
16 Apr 2021
The Covidians - What happened to our friends and family?
AlistairSkinner · 1114 Views