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alladin123 20 Jul 2021
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New Zealand's Ministry Of Truth - '1984' Anyone
28 Jul 2021
New Zealand's Ministry Of Truth - '1984' Anyone
bunkerbill901 · 5 Views

The CULT of COVIDThe new religious order ..




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GrahamWelsh 7 days ago

Precisely correct.
The Claytons religion when not having a religion.
Blind faith built on a spurious "fact".
The fanatics will never examine facts when blind emotion has been raised to a fever pitch.

Even the true nature and attributes of the messiah cannot ever be acknowledged.

A scorched earth mentality becomes prevalent
Destroy everything for the fools gold of a New Order.
Even though the New Order can only promise slavery and a completely restricted life.

Once again man has been " sold a pup" as the old saying goes.

The New Order promises a " hive" mentality where all consciousness becomes one for the " GREATER GOOD"
Just as religion promised all the saved could spend a mindless eternity praising a " god"

A blind hubris in technology has taken us down a path of unknowing and uncontrollability where AI ( ARTIFICIAL IDIOCY) has the ability to be self educating, self sustaining and self protecting.
Man has no ultimate control over this entity and most likely has produced the sword of his own destruction.
Has no one read Frankenstein's Monster by Mary Shelley?
Man has an entirely unjustified faith in his supposed INTELLIGENCE.
But no appreciation for his under utilised WISDOM

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Moses .
Moses . 7 days ago

33 min poetic bull shit. take some slides that are evidence of something. show the slide, two sentence text. next slide. i might find 3-4 minutes useful content here. do not waste time 30 min for this. delete this. redo the video. you have some content, but filled it with bull shit. remove the bull only facts. short and effective. not meaningless poetic nonsense. redo.

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alladin123 7 days ago

OSES ,,It always amazes me that tose who criticize as much as you do are usually the ones who never actually post anything ,, ..

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raimundhejduk 7 days ago

Revive the spirit of the Sixties! Don't take any more shit!

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jonesboy63 7 days ago

Very nicely put together, love that Scottish sound , it reminds me of Braveheart , FREEDOM and the FIGHT AGAINST TYRANNY ! More people died in the SPANISH FLU PLANDEMIC OF 1917-1918 than WW1 ! The FLU came from the BACTERIAL MENINGOCOCCAL Vaccine cultured in Horses then given to soldiers in Fort Casey Kansas by the ROCKEFELLER INSTUTE OF MEDICINE , These soldiers then went and spread the disease of these SATANIC EUGENIC CULTS around the towns and battlefields of Europe ! Setting the stage for many controlled Eugenics programs kiiing millions of innocents along the way , for these CULTISTS to arrive where they are today , providing us with another MANMADE GENOCIDE PROGRAM ! DEATH TO THE CULT OF SATAN !

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TureSankara 7 days ago

⁣George Orwell:
If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a masked human face forever.

Don't fall for the COVID-19 Plannedemic aka CON JOB-1984 Scamdemic.

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New Zealand's Ministry Of Truth - '1984' Anyone
28 Jul 2021
New Zealand's Ministry Of Truth - '1984' Anyone
bunkerbill901 · 5 Views