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Welcome The Eagle 12 Sep 2021
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Midazolam was the real killer in this pandemic, not Covid-19
21 Oct 2021
Midazolam was the real killer in this pandemic, not Covid-19
srmgin · 343 Views

The Fear Pandemic La Pandemia de Miedo


⁣Our guest today is Dr. Mark McDonald, a Los Angeles based, board-certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist, and medical legal expert. He has particular expertise working with children with autism, trauma and other mental illness. He will be speaking on the emotional pandemic and delusional psychosis that has been taking place in society during the the last year.

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All Credit and source: Inner Integration
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Janne21 1 month ago

They've been pushing unreasonal and irrational fear on the public for more than 20 years. Remember Bin Laden, "Al Qaeda" and the Taliban bogieman? It's all by design. The Big carrot they're aiming at is world government, so catastrophe usually comes in handy with the objective of furthering this agenda.

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Midazolam was the real killer in this pandemic, not Covid-19
21 Oct 2021
Midazolam was the real killer in this pandemic, not Covid-19
srmgin · 343 Views