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Kristall 15 Feb 2021
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global communist targeting program government watch list and who was responsible 911 attacks wakeup
21 Apr 2021
global communist targeting program government watch list and who was responsible 911 attacks wakeup

The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket | Amazing Polly


⁣Fauci, Event 201, Foundations ...and something called the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board.

Polly exposes the front organizations covering ⁣for the Global Health Mafia.
⁣⁣***If you'd like to support Polly, please visit her website: *** Thank you. :) ⁣(please
no courier ⁣packages, they will be returned)

⁣Please watch Polly @: Bitchute :
⁣MORE Public Health Mafia Connections ~ Amazing Polly

⁣The Medical Mafia by Ghislaine Lanctôt : ⁣

NYT Coronovirus Fundraiser:

DZAU bio Ottawa Heart Institute:

GPMB Board of Directors:

GPMB publication, Sept 2019:

Philanthropy News Digest: Klausner Fauci:

Johns Hopkins commissioned by the GPMB:

Event 201 Players List:

National Herald:

Fauci Gates Foundation Grand Challenges board: https://gcgh.grandchallenges.o....rg/about/scientific-

VIDEO: Fauci “No doubt” of surprise outbreak:

CEPI April pledges:

VIDEO: Victor Dzau at McGill “School of Population and Global Health: ⁣

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Faz12 2 months ago

Polly is a fantastic .

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Jayvee 2 months ago

Can't find this now on either Bitchute or

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betjar1 2 months ago

FEMA is run by the SERCO GROUP. The CEO of SERCO is Winston Churchill's grandson, Rupert Soames and owned by the British monarchy.

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jakobbourne 2 months ago

A ton of thought and planning for a very long time by very few beyond evil individuals, the Georgia Guidestones was a gigantic hint that not many understood, mabe now it's clear.

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BillHoward 2 months ago

⁣Shared to My 'Freedom from Slavery? - Mass Action!' MeWe uncensored Social Media profile page here:

The SCAM-demic Lockdown Track & Trace is the fascist dictatorship of harassment very similar to the same swindle they pulled with fake pandemics; AIDS-HIV, MERS, SARS, Ebola, Zika, Swine Flu & Bird flu dictating face mask mandates, fines, facial recognition, ten year imprisonment, £10,000 fines, slavery, pregnancy & birth-elimination, health passes, job destruction, health destruction, social engineering, family destruction, social-isolation, social distancing & population-reduction genocidal program of the New World Order Shadow Government Secret Societies mandates & dictats with 'Track & Trace' a type of electronic slavery which decides for us where we can go & where we can't go, who we can see & who we can't see, what we can do & what we can't do which also doubles as a 'Anti-Terrorist Surveillance System' with 'War on Covid-19' an extension of 'War on Drugs' & the 'War on Terror' Homeland Security oppression - all masterminded & sold to every country in the World by Bill Gates & his gang of fanatical eugenics secret societies to genocide the World by 7 & half billion & keep half a billion of their slaves to work the factories & farms since the 'virus' is fictitious but the lockdown is real, a hoax pandemic but real global police state, poisonous, zero-liability vaccine containing mercury, aluminium, human fetus, pig & dog but real global martial law with invalid Covid-19 tests facilitating DNA data harvesting, unreliable vaccine certification, fraudulent death certificates & manipulated death tolls with genocide camps already set up & being filled as they've killed thousands already with hospital treatment cancellations & suicides with their oxygen poisoning 'End of Life Care', 'Do Not Resusitate' & 'No Autopsies' & 'Isolation Camps' (Death Camps) dictats while the unelected, unqualified trickster 'World Health Organisation' protocol sent to hospitals all around the World to: "Isolate, oxygenate, intubate, ventilate, sedate & record every death as Covid-19" - all aided & abetted by the fascist Facebook-Instagram-Snapchat, YouTube-Google censorship & user bans - since the whole of Capitalism has collapsed with the banks-government-stockmarket bankrupt so they cannot afford to keep us any more hence the ever increasing austerity measures leaving it totally impossible to 'go back to normal' while the equally unqualified, unelected capitalist huckster 'World Economic Forum' threatens ominous, sinister isolation camps & 'Great Reset' along with their controlling aspirations of negative bank interest rate & 'Cashless-Society' where our bank cards can be switched off denying us access to goods & services so forcing us to do their bidding.

We're united in freedom with all power to the Freedom Fighters & the final solution being Mass Action to overthrow the New World Order all around the World since we are the 99% exposing the SCAM-demic Lockdown to boycott & blacklist Bill Gates & his vaccines, Windows, Monsanto, McDonalds & Burger King investments along with the fascist Facebook, YouTube & Google but using MeWe, BrandNewTube & DuckDuckGo while we eat/grow/sell organic food & use Linux free software & boycott & blacklist cashless shops & services & the Mainsewer Media, we shop at co-ops while supporting human rights, civil liberties, freedom of association, freedom of movement, freedom of employment, freedom of worship so developing food supply network, clothing, accomodation & practicing: 'high-fives', 'Hugs 'R' Us', do the Freedom Dance & join the Freedom Band, wear yellow vests like the French revolutionaries & Mass Action Rally @12.00 Noon every day, every town center, everywhere in the World while one person, town or country remains in chains then no person, town or country is free & so execute Mass Action Citizens Arrest on fascist UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg & all their co-conspirators & treasonous traitors for crimes against humanity & try at a Common Law People's Court so arming ourselves mentally & physically, shut down the Covid test sites & the Covid inoculation sites as they're a danger to public health, ban vaccination, abolish vaccine industry, supporting the workers strike, people's assemblies, occupations, celebrations, demonstrations, build community, support the Liberated Zones, mass actions & rallies: Share! Share! Share! To show we care.

My 'Freedom from Slavery? - Mass Action!' picture posts here:

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global communist targeting program government watch list and who was responsible 911 attacks wakeup
21 Apr 2021
global communist targeting program government watch list and who was responsible 911 attacks wakeup