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Daniel Roy Baron
Daniel Roy Baron 20 Jan 2021
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How to Control People "Tony Benn"
26 Feb 2021
How to Control People "Tony Benn"
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The Greater Reset - We The People


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#TheGreaterReset #eTownHalls #EqualitarianRevolution

Welcome to The Greater Reset - Ordinary People''s Powered Equality For All Meetings. Your host Daniel Roy Wigler Backpack Baron Author, Activist and Egalitarian ("Equality for All") Revolution activist with 20+ years of technology as a Generic Activists and Quality Assurance in government advocate.

Today we have an #eTownHalls talk with GM ("Grandmaster") Schauer Founder of "The Sage Warrior Temple" in San Francisco California. We talk about abolishing stock markets, abolishing capitalism and putting Ordinary Peoples Equality Assemblies #eTownHalls in charge and putting Small Business Cooperatives in charge.

"We abolish and decolonize the current centralized tyrannical government, so that we can adopt an optimal society with no higher power or authority than the sovereignty of individuals and no higher power or sovereignty then communities. We can then collaborate on cleaning up our shared commons ("The land, air, water, plants, animals, climate and nature") with Reuse, reduce, recycle and Keep It in The Ground.

This interview is part e of a series of interview with Grandmaster Schauer "GM". Here is a link to our last two interviews.

Part 2 called "Self-Defense is Justifiable, Rational, Ethical Physical Force:

Part 1 called "The Wisdom of the Sage Warrior Temple."

Contact and Join the Sage Warrior Temple in San Francisco:

GM ("Grandmaster") Schauer on Facebook:

Thank you for helping the school so it may continue to serve and better our communities. Classes and private instruction offer training in meditation, physical conditioning, breathing exercises, philosophy, health practices and every aspect of combat-martial arts-self defense training. Call for more info at (415) 564-9282.

We are a collaboration of Generic Activists calling to move away from name brand activist to win an Equality For All Revolution. We call our approach generic activism as opposed to name brand activism. We are awoken and realize the massive corruption can be resolved only when equality for all generic activists in huge numbers thousands and millions.

We come together and occupy forever our government buildings, police, military so they no longer serve and protect corporations however serve and protect we the people. Generic activists collaborate under this banner of Equality For All and putting Ordinary People's Equality for All Meetings in charge and putting Small Businesses in charge by abolishing corporations and having an abolish jubilee.

We invite everyone across the world to join us and let us all collaborate to help leave the world and planet earth in a much better place for our children and grandchildren through real councils, town halls and peoples assemblies that never have politicians-representatives invited.

Join our ongoing Ordinary People's Equality For All Meetings by contacting Daniel Roy Baron to join.

If millions of people in this country or around the world get this transhumanism rna / dna changing CoVid vaccine, these are not people who would join a revolution or create Equalitarian Sovereign Communities and Small Businesses these will be lobotomized zombies and lab rats who are forever disabled or dead by these horrific vaccines.

This group is called #TheGreaterReset represents the group that is doing the 360 degree opposite of what the sinister nwo Global Elites are doing with their great reset. Join the group


Our group is about going the opposite direction of this nefarious mass centralized society and colonialized privacy destructions of the ndaa and patriot act #AbolishCovidVaccines

We are about decentralizing and decolonizing as appropriate and an Equalitarian Revolution that alleviates suffering, increases compassion, abolishes coercion, abolishes all tyranny and enables everyone to be self-actualized / self-realized.

Happy New Year. The year 2021 will be when "We The People" will take over and Abolish all of politicians and abolish these dangerous disabling deadly vaccines to put Ordinary People's Powered Equalitarian Community Sovereignty, Individual Sovereignty and Small Business Sovereignty in charge.

It is no longer about reform it is about huge numbers of people collaborating for a systemic change to these corrupt systems with an Equalitarian Revolution.

The horrors of the covid vaccine:

Contact Daniel Roy Baron to join The Greater Reset.
Phone: 323-496-7649

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1 month ago

Interesting, especially the Georgia Guidestones' keep human numbers below 550 million! Human populations have exploded over the last 50 years, mostly due to advances in medicines, higher standards of huygene and living standards. In the past these human numbers were still checked by wars, famines and usually diseases but now another 'sollution' is I would imagine in the eyes of the 'POWERS THAT BE' as automation (AI) and robotics begin to render many humans redundant in the workplace. (Some 70% of jobs lost in teh USA by 2050/Obama, 2016). Scamdemic perhaps - the whole c19 fiasco? Or nature readressing the problem of the human virus that is ADDING A BILLION to its numbers every dozen years! I wouldn't hazard a guess!

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bunkerbill 1 month ago

Absolute bollocks you fool. The One World Order is at this moment taking over. "WOW" How blind are you sheepies.

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How to Control People "Tony Benn"
26 Feb 2021
How to Control People "Tony Benn"
PetrafiedNews · 18 Views