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Eric Dubay
Eric Dubay 21 Jul 2021
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20 Sep 2021
alladin123 · 243 Views

The Holographic Nature of Reality


⁣In holograms, all parts are reflected in the whole and the whole is
reflected in all parts, so if you chop a piece of holographic film into
tiny bits then shine a laser onto any of them, no matter how small, you
will still get a complete image. The “physical” world around us behaves
much like a hologram. Just like a piece of holographic film, all quanta
exist as interfering wave patterns. In and of themselves, these
interference waves have no “solidity” – no definite properties or
location – just like the squiggles/circles on holographic film. The
image is distributed throughout the entire film, just as quanta are
distributed throughout the entire universe. Then when a laser beam (the
light of consciousness) is directed at those interference waves,
seemingly solid particles (three dimensional images) appear before our

One of the first physicists to consider this “cosmic
hologram” metaphor was David Bohm who defined the universe as an
“undivided wholeness in flowing motion” which he termed the
“holomovement.” He dubbed the implicate order an undivided holistic
realm that is beyond concepts like spacetime, matter, or energy. In the
implicate order everything is fully enfolded or entangled with
everything else. By contrast, the explicate order world of ordinary
observations and common sense emerge, or unfold, out of the implicate
order. Bohm used a hologram as a metaphor to illustrate how information
about a whole system can be enfolded into an implicit structure, any
part of which reflects the whole.

For Bohm, atoms are not the
“building blocks of matter” but rather just a term given to one aspect
of the holomovement. The various forms we name, words and categories we
create, are all ultimately arbitrary because at the implicate level of
reality, everything is one. No two atoms, two rocks, two trees, or two
people are any more separate from one another than whirlpools are
separate from the river. The universe is a holographic oneness in
perpetual motion, both created and navigated by consciousness. Matter is
not separated by space and time; rather, matter, space, and time are
always already ever-present and one.

To illustrate this, think
of a DVD. At the explicate level of the DVD, you see a movie with
people, places and events happening in space and time. For the actors on
your television screen, they experienced everything happening in “real”
time in the “real” world during filming. But for you the viewer,
holding the DVD in your hand, you can see the implicate level of the
movie where all the people, places, and events on it are mere
projections of a single totality. You can rewind, fast-forward, slow-mo,
or freeze-frame the entire realistic three-dimensional explicate world
of the DVD because you are operating from the implicate world of remote
control. The One, God, infinite consciousness, cosmic mind, or whatever
you want to call it, operates at the objective, omnipresent, omniscient,
omnipotent level of the implicate DVD, and meanwhile us humans,
animals, plants, insects, and every other subjective entity in the
physical universe are method actors in the explicate movie.

"The Holographic Nature of Reality" was taken from my book, "Spiritual Science" available on Lulu and Amazon:

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wongowonga 2 months ago

Thanks for posting this Eric. Make a lot of sense and would help explain quantum reality.
Using this logic, we could think of secondary colours as harmonics of the primary, clashing colours could be thought of as dissonant frequencies. Just like Harmonic notes in music are pleasing to the ear whilst dissonant notes seem to clash (because of the frequencies involved). Which gets me thinking, we know everything is frequency/energy so can we assume that everything in the universe has a harmonic of its self. Maybe that's partly why some people are attracted to each other because they are litterally ressonating at harmonics of the same frequency. Which then gets me thinking about that old saying, "raise your vibration" then you will attract harmonics of your improved self.

Thought provoking stuff, well made video.

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wongowonga 2 months ago

Another way of explaining the above metaphor, could be to see ourselves as a kind of tuning fork. Constantly vibrating until it meets an object of the same frequency, which it then excites. In other words, how and what we 'vibrate' would affect our interactions in what or whom we 'excite' around us. Think horror and it will be reflected, think positive and it will be reflected/excited by ourselves.

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ScotchMistConCeption 2 months ago

Hard to get the head around when our main experience is a physical existence, until we go into a dream state and everything becomes instantaneous, no limits... And of course the obligatory connecting of minds no matter the distance and being able to sense love and especially danger when there are seemingly no outward signs of it...
Imo of course, the whole body is a receiver and the minds eye just needs unlocking to connect and experience the limitless possibilities from both aspects…
The physical seems to be a limiter, which is where the PiP’s (Parasites in Power) want to keep us, base..... and on we go....

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Hogg67 2 months ago

Reminds me of the Mandelbrot set fractals that repeat the pattern you always end up with the original pattern. The Gaurdian published an article entitled genetically engineered Magneto protein remotely controls brain and behaviour, they have combined a protein to the paramagnetic region of ferritin together with short DNA sequences that signal cells to transport proteins to the nerve cell membrane. Every nerve cell membrane receives or sends signals to 5G, they will have the ability to read our thoughts and store them and implant thoughts we think are our own. Optogenics is another method of controlling neurons. Another great video from Eric! Plenty of food for thought.

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PatriciaShaw 2 months ago

Time to get those 5g towers down everywhere for humanity's sake in itself.

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webster 2 months ago

9 am..mind blown..i come back later thx.

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20 Sep 2021
alladin123 · 243 Views