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Plaiul Nou Music Band 12 May 2021
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Whistle blower GP Dr Sam White with Jenna the walking nurse
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The Jiana Traditional Whistle Tune from Polovragi, Romania - Nicolae Sanda feat. Dan Panu-Misailescu


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⁣"In all that I am, through my deeds [, my songs] and my words, I live, the best I can, the heritage of our forefathers – Those who built a culture, [a music,] a history, and a world that is nearly forgotten today: Ancient Romania." Mihai-Andrei Aldea

The Christian Orthodox Church in America

The Lives & Songs of our Ancestors - Nicolae Sanda & Dan Panu-Misailescu Interview @Polovragi, Romania

In this music video I play a Celtic Winds Carbony™ High Whistle in C
The Romanian and Irish whistle (fluier) is the same musical instrument having six wholes and the same digitation / playing technique. In Romania there are whistles in many different keys just like in Ireland for example.

Just like one has 4 grandparents, the Romanian people have 4 ancestors: the Romans, the Thracian-Illyrians, the Celts, and the Scythians.

We Romanians also have Celtic heritage! Celts lived in many regions of Romania. For example "Galati" town and county name in Romania comes from the Gals (Celts) that lived there. In "Transilvania" or "Maramureș" areas we also had many Celts who left beautiful traces in our culture, for example in the traditional Romanian Tartan textile motifs of alternative black and white squares with lines, very similar to the Scottish ones, or in our traditional music, the whistle playing tradition, we have many very old Celtic crosses throughout Romana! In "Apuseni" mountains lived many Celts as well, and this can also be seen in the fact that men in that area had long braided hair and still "diddle" songs like the Irish to this day! Search for "The Revolt of Horea, Closca and Crisan 1784" for example and you can see from their pictures that they had a Celtic hairstyle. These are only a few examples. There are many more!

The Romanian music video: Jiana de la Polovragi - Nicolae Sanda (Nea Culiță) și Dan Panu-Misailescu

The transcript of the short interview fragment from the end of the music video.

Polovragi, Gorj County, Romania - June 18, 2019
Nicolae Sanda (AKA Nea Culiță) - 80 years old
Dan Panu-Misailescu - 33 years old

"DAN: The shepherd was playing the whistle while leading the flock of sheep.

NICOLAE: Yes, and he was old, very old.

DAN: And the sheep were following him.

NICOLAE: Yes, that’s how it’s done.
One shepherd leads the flock of sheep, and the other accompanies the rear.
That’s the way the story goes.

DAN: That’s very beautiful!

NICOLAE: Nec plus ultra!

DAN: And you taught me this jiana 50 years later.
(The jiana is a Romanian traditional music genre)

NICOLAE: Yes, about 50 years.

DAN: Thank you, it is very beautiful!"

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Whistle blower GP Dr Sam White with Jenna the walking nurse
15 Jun 2021
Whistle blower GP Dr Sam White with Jenna the walking nurse
GGT · 410 Views