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Piers Corbyn
Piers Corbyn 12 Apr 2021
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Jehovah;s Witnesses_ beliefs practices and ERRORS
15 May 2021
Jehovah;s Witnesses_ beliefs practices and ERRORS
Timthetruther · 2 Views

⁣The Life Of Piers Corbyn: Housing and Squatting in the 70s


A documentary about Piers Corbyn's campaigns on Housing and Squatting in the 70s

⁣The Life Of Piers Corbyn: Housing and Squatting in the 70s

⁣A film by Alice Callari and Sonia Cee.

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bluebell444 1 month ago

Piers Corbyn is a great man of integrity. I remember squatting in a council house Wood Green in the 80's, I was in dire staits at the time, its prevents homelessness and keeps the council on their toes, they should not be allowing properties to go empty for long periods of time while people have nowhere to live!

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LuciaT 1 month ago

Thought willow was aspirin Piers.

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bodger52 1 month ago

Shades and reminders of traditional old labour socialism( NOT Communism ) as was advocated by a certain George Orwell.
Thanks Piers for your continuing efforts on behalf of those devestated by the present fascist scum ,who ,unbelievably make that witch/bitch Thatcher--who began the cult of self- seem almost beniign . Yeah impossible I know.!

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Itb Biblical
Itb Biblical 1 month ago

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C299H476N90O87S10 1 month ago

Seeing this video I'm really grateful that now in the XXI. century I can live in a dog kennel sized flat with no garden, on the verge of relying on foodbank in one of the wealthiest country on this planet. In the 70s I lived in a socialist country. Socialism is a softer version of communism. Then the system has changed and it became democratic on paper form. In reality things has never changed drastically. The new parties' members were present in the previous system and they also brought their buddies into the parliament. They fossilized in socialism, everything is poisoned by corruption up to this date. What I see in the UK now is worse than socialism in what I grew up. It's getting dangerously close to communism. UK government will never really change if any actual members stay in position and feudalist inbred royals exist. Actually it's way more complex than that but let's not start to talk about Zionist jew connections. UK government equals mafia. ⁣GOVERNMENT UK LIMITED ⁣(05522373) is a corporation. I'm not wondering why more and more people lose trust in government, police, NHS. And the MSM's desperate try to feed us with ⁣controversial, one-sided "news", heavy censorship, the lack of scientific debates just makes this process faster ⁣(science is science only in the case if it's under debate all the time. That's how science progresses. That's how science moves forward. That's what makes science independent. Without debate science becomes a dogmatic religion).

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Jehovah;s Witnesses_ beliefs practices and ERRORS
15 May 2021
Jehovah;s Witnesses_ beliefs practices and ERRORS
Timthetruther · 2 Views