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Dr. Sam Bailey
Dr. Sam Bailey 30 Oct 2020
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Inspi7ation - The Truth
09 Aug 2022
Inspi7ation - The Truth
Inspi7ation · 312 Views

The Truth About Social Distancing ?


⁣Dr Sam talks about the evidence for social distancing and physical distancing. What is the evidence for wearing a face mask to prevent COVID-19? Originally released on YT on April 15 2020.

#socialdistancing #truthaboutsocialdistancing

Websites & References mentioned:

Imperial College Computer Modelling Paper:
PPE study:
Original design of RESPECT study:
RESPECT study Results:
Systematic Review on Social Distancing:

Clips used and references:
"Back in your tent sickie!"
"I will start a fire in the bathroom"

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ABOUT ME: I want to make it easier for people to fix common health problems. I work as a medical doctor in New Zealand.

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vestalallen 12 months ago

Is it a good idea to try to combat a virus by forcing people into the situations that are responsible for cold and virus season? Stay inside. Don't get enough vitamin D. Limit your shopping to large stores where you can get everything.

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scowie 1 year ago

Some good research that points to person-to-person disease transmission being pure fiction is the ⁣US Navy Gallops Island study into the supposedly highly infectious "Spanish Flu":

Masks have been shown to be completely useless, even in a surgical setting: ⁣

It is actually pointless comparing infection rates of countries as this data is based on covid tests which have been ruled in high courts to be utterly useless: ⁣

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kontigo 2 years ago

hello dr sam......really appreciate your videos and providing vital info for people....quick question.....which video of yours did u have a little clip of kary mullins twds the end saying that the pcr test does not tell ytou if you have an infection or not??...just that i cant find it at the moment and want to share...thanks again

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Socraticelenchus 2 years ago

Interesting and considered thoughts. Subscribed

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webster 2 years ago

how can you test for an incomplete sequence ?

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Inspi7ation - The Truth
09 Aug 2022
Inspi7ation - The Truth
Inspi7ation · 312 Views